Oll-E is a house robot first introduced to the Robot Wars Live events in 2015. He originally had paintball guns attached to his large eyes, themselves mounted on a pivoted turret 'head', with which he would shoot featherweight robots. His name is reference to Wall-E. Uniquely, Wall-E interracts with live event presenters and the audience through a voice provided in real time by a sound engineer.

Armament Edit

The main weapon is the two paintball guns attached on the eyes of the robot. The paintballs are meant to either paint a robot for fun or to render a robot immobile by the force of the paintball hitting the robot. However, these paint-balls are not very powerful and rarely damage or immobilize robots and the accuracy needed to hit the robots which can be hard to achieve as the robots could easily runaway or evade the shots.

Robot History Edit

Olly first appeared in the Newport 2015 live event. He went up against featherweights and was made to "paint" the robots. It wsn't until Portsmouth 2015 that he was able to speak and became a more integral part of the shows. Later on in the year the paintball guns were removed for safety reasons, this made the House Robot even more of a target. In 2016, Oll-E was flipped onto its side during an event, to the glee of many roboteers. More recently, Oll-E has been retired from the arena and instead interracts directly with the event hosts during a segment of the show.

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