Office Party was a Heavyweight robot built for the fifth series of Robot Wars. While it did not qualify for Series 5 and thus did not appear on Robot Wars, it appeared on a Discovery Channel documentary called "Robots Revenge", along with Barber-Ous.

Office Party also took part in the 2001 Robots@War event where it won the Sportsmanship Award. The team that built Office Party previously built Rotraktor, which failed to qualify for Series 4, and qualified for Series 5 through 7 with Barber-Ous.


Office Party was a robot built around a electric wheel chair armed with flippers, and designed to resemble a photocopier. The team's website humorously referred to the robot as a fighting photocopier, reinforcing its theme.

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Office Party fought in the Wilson's Day 2001 event. In one battle it fought Axe-Awe where it was flipped about and presumably lost the fight.

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  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

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