No Mercy RCRA

No Mercy during Rocket City Robot Assault in 2004

No Mercy was a Middleweight Combat Robot built by Team Sinclair Robotics from Dayton, Ohio which competed at Rocket City Robot Assault in 2004. No Mercy was a four-wheel drive robot armed with 2 sheet metal hinged wedges and no active weaponry. No Mercy was due to be armed with an overhead spinning bar for BattleBots IQ tournaments, along with two-wheel drive and a taller, smaller body which made it harder to hit its opponents. During Rocket City Robot Assault, Team Sinclair Robotics also competed with beetleweight The Underdog, fellow middleweights Designed For Destruction and Robo Wedgie, as well as heavyweights Half Baked and The Tartan Bot.

History Edit

No Mercy gets knocked up

No Mercy gets knocked up

Rocket City Robot Assault Edit

Mean Green Nibble Machine

Mean Green Fight'n machine attacks the top panel of the immobile No Mercy

No Mercy's first opponent of Rocket City Robot Assault was drum spinner Mean Green Fight'n Machine. No Mercy rushed straight towards its opponent as soon as the match started, hoping to stop Mean Green Fight'n Machine's weapon from spinning up, however this attack backfired as Mean Green Fight'n Machine hit No Mercy, bending its wedge and flipping it up onto its back, immobilizing it. However, one of Mean Green Fight'n Machine's Bulkhead supports had come off during the impact leaving it jittering whenever it tried to spin up, however, it was able to continue attacking the immobile No Mercy, whacking into one of its wheels before moving to the back and attacking its top panel, nibbling it before No Mercy tapped out, giving the win to Mean Green Fight'n Machine.
No Mercy attempts to push Kobotsu

No Mercy fails to push Kobotsu into the wall for a second time

Now in the loser's bracket, No Mercy's next match was against fellow BattleBots IQ competitor and fierce drum spinner Kobotsu. No Mercy started the match with a box-rush just like its previous match, this time having some success, getting under Kobotsu but taking damage to its wedge in the process. No Mercy backed off as Kobotsu got its drum up to full speed, waiting until Kobotsu turned around before slamming into it, unsuccessfully trying to push it into the wall. No Mercy backed off and tried once again to no avail. No Mercy then retreated and suddenly stopped in the middle of the arena, seemingly disabled apart from a slight judder back and forth, until Kobotsu rammed into it with its rear. No Mercy moved slightly after this attack, but was soon counted out, eliminating No Mercy from the tournament.

Results Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Due to a lack of information this does not include any results from BattleBots IQ tournaments

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