Speed Code

Megabyte as it appeared in King of Bots Season 1

Megabyte (Simplified Chinese: 极速代码), also known as Invader in ABC BattleBots Season 2, and originally Megabite when it first debuted during BattleBots Season 5.0, is an American heavyweight robot, which has also competed as a Superheavyweight.

Although originally an overhead bar spinner like the team's lightweight Rambite, Megabyte is most famously known as a shell spinner. It is The Robotic Death Company's longest competing robot, competing in multiple events starting from the Comedy Central run of BattleBots through to the present day. Megabyte made its television debut during ABC Season 2 of BattleBots under the name Invader, but has since competed on King of Bots under its standard name.

Thanks to its excellent combat record consisting of numerous major championships across two seperate weight categories, long history, and audience popularity, Megabyte was inducted into the Combat Robot Hall of Fame in 2005.

Robot HistoryEdit

BattleBots Season 5.0Edit


Megabite after BattleBots Season 5.0

Megabite's first opponent was Heart of Gold. In this battle, Megabyte struck Heart of Gold, doing damage to the front. Afterwards, Megabyte's motor controller stopped working and had to fight without its weapon. Unfortunately, Megabite was pushed around by Heart of Gold for the rest of the match. In the end, Heart of Gold won on a close 23-22 judge's decision and Megabite was eliminated from the tournament.

Heart Of Gold Vs Megabite

Megabite strikes Heart of Gold in the rear

Steel Conflict 3Edit


Triangle Series NationalsEdit

Mechwars 7Edit

ROBOLympics 2004Edit

Southwest Division ChampionshipsEdit

2004 NPC Charity OpenEdit

2004 RFL NationalsEdit

RoboGames 2005Edit

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Robotic Revolution - New OrleansEdit

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RoboGames 2006Edit

RoboGames 2007Edit

BattleBots 2009 Professional ChampionshipsEdit


Megabyte during the BattleBots 2009 Professional Championships

At the start of this fight, Megabyte was at a disadvantage as Brutality did not use its blade so that it could get underneath and stop it spinning. This tactic worked well, as Megabyte was repeatedly pushed around by Brutality without causing damage. After a while, Brutality turned the blade on, which turned out to be a mistake as Brutality sent itself into the air. The blade was wisely turned off again and Megabyte continued to be pushed by Brutality into the arena hazards. Brutality won the judges decision.

Megabyte was then put to the loser's bracket against the inexperienced Tombstone. Tombstone won on a shocking K.O and one of the sports biggest upsets because Megabyte was eliminated.

RoboGames 2017Edit

After getting a bye in the first round, Megabyte's first opponent was Polar Vortex. At the start, the two bots slowly approach each other, weapons up to speed, before hitting each other weapon-to-weapon. The result was Megabyte being unaffected and Polar Vortex landing upside down with its weapon mount partially breaking off, leaving Polar Vortex stranded on its own weapon. Polar Vortex tried to right itself by bending its weapon mount back into position, but was unsuccessful, and it was counted out, giving Megabyte the win by KO. This win put Megabyte into the quarter finals where it faced Original Sin.

The match starts with Original Sin lightly tapping on Megabyte, causing it to spin out of control before ramming into it, sending both into opposite sides of the arena. After the third ram, smoke began emitting from Megabyte's weapon motor, showing signs of the motor beginning to strain and wear out. The weapon was progressively slowing down as the match went on and Original Sin kept pushing it, while the smoke from the strained weapon motor engulfed half of the arena. Eventually, Megabyte's weapon belt gave way, ruining any hope of getting its weapon back up to speed. Megabyte continued to get pushed till the time ran out. Original Sin won the judges' decision, putting Megabyte into the loser's bracket, where it faced Crash n' Burn.

At the start, Megabyte got up to speed while Crash performs a box rush, slamming into Megabyte and causing Megabyte to ricochet off the wall and flip over. Megabyte tried desperately to right itself with its pole, which eventually broke off, leaving Megabyte to try and right itself using the cap that connects its shell to spin like a top and use its gyroscopic forces to rattle itself upright, much like how it successfully pulled it off against Tekka Maki back in the RFL Triangle Nationals nearly 14 years before. This time, however, it was unsuccessful, and Megabyte was counted out, giving Crash n' Burn the win by KO and eliminating Megabyte from the tournament.

King of Bots Season 1Edit

Megabyte fought Russian robot StingRay in the first round. This match started with both robots spinning up, StingRay then attempted to slam Megabyte before it got up to speed but missed. Both robots then went weapon to weapon, this sent both bots flying, and took out one half of StingRay's drive, and sent Megabyte careening around the arena, nearly flipping itself over.

Megabyte then spun back up, and delivered a blow to the front of StingRay's drum, completely ripping it out of its bracket, and flinging it across the arena floor. Megabyte then came back in, and ripped a complete side panel off of the now totally helpless Russian machine. Now unable to show translational movement, and only able to drive in a circle, StingRay was counted out, giving Megabyte the KO, and its first ever televised win.

In the round of 24, Megabyte fought Chiyang Jinlun. Megabyte's shell had been slung too low to the ground in this fight and it was unable to control itself. Eventually Chiyang Jinlun managed to get Megabyte's self-righting pole stuck on the arena wall, immobilizing Megabyte in a shocking upset.

However, Megabyte received one of the four wildcards, and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced fellow wildcard recipient EarthShaker. Megabyte won this fight and advanced.


Series Event Opponent(s) Round Results
BattleBots Season 5.0 Heavyweight Division Heart of Gold Round of 256 Lost
Steel Conflict 3 Heavyweight Division Primate Transportation Round of 20 Won
Lone Shark Round of 16 Won
Tornado Mer Quarter-Finals Won
Compressor Semi-Finals Won
Tornado Mer Final Won
North Carolina Robot Street Fight 4 Heavyweight Division Decapitator Round of 24 Won
Shiver Round of 16 Won (forfeit)
Guil-T Round of 12 Won
Breath of Fire Quarter-Finals Won
Shrederator Semi-Finals Won
Bambulance Final Lost
Steel Conflict 4 Heavyweight Division SHANK Round of 16 Won
Sewer Snake Lost
Tillah Quarter-Finals Won
Shin Splitter Lost
Triangle Series Nationals Heavyweight Division bye Round of 12 bye
Sewer Snake Won
Tekka Maki Quarter-Finals Won
Tornado Mer Semi-Finals Won
Shrederator Final Won
Mechwars 7 Superheavyweight Division Bad Dawg Round Robin Won
Mer Madd Lost
Wild Child Won (forfeit)
Paralyzer Pete Won
Ashley Won (forfeit)
Stump Grinder Won
Mer Madd Final Won
ROBOLympics 2004 120lb Combat SJ Round of 12 Won
Evelyn a modified dawg Won
Shin Splitter Quarter-Finals Won
Vicious Circle Semi-Finals Won
SJ Final Won
Southwest Division Championships Superheavyweight Division Star Hawk Round of 12 Won
Little Blue Engine Won
SHOVELHEAD Quarter-Finals Won
Little Blue Engine Semi-Finals Won
2004 NPC Charity Open Heavyweight Division Warrior Round of 12 Won
Corporal Punishment Quarter-Finals Won
Karcas 2 Semi-Finals Lost
Verbal Abuse Consolation Final Lost
2004 RFL Nationals Heavyweight Division SJ Semi-Finals Lost
bye bye
Shiva Won
CycloneBot Loser's Final Won
Vicious Circle Consolation Final Won
SJ Final Lost
RoboGames 2005 120lb Combat TAZ-BOT Round of 16 Won
Wedgebot Round of 12 Won
Xitium Quarter-Finals Won
Sewer Snake Semi-Finals Lost
Typhoon 2 Consolation Final Lost
Mechwars 8 Heavyweight Division Ty Round Robin Won
Vivisector Won
Thunder Child Won
Vivisector Won
Ty Final Won
Robotic Revolution - New Orleans Heavyweight Division Bambulance Round of 12 Won
Warrior Quarter-Finals Lost
Bambulance Semi-Finals Won
Shrederator Loser's Final Won
Warrior Consolation Final Won
Sewer Snake Final Lost
ComBots Cup I 120lb Combat Biohazard Round of 16 Won
Eugene Round of 12 Won
Sewer Snake Quarter-Finals Lost
Brutality Semi-Finals Won
SJ Loser's Final Won
Karcas 2 Consolation Final Lost
RoboGames 2006 120lb Combat SJ Round of 16 Won
Devil's Plunger Round of 12 Won
Original Sin Quarter-Finals Lost
SJ Semi-Finals Lost
RoboGames 2007 120lb Combat Enforcer X Round of 16 Won
Original Sin II Round of 12 Won
Original Sin Quarter-Finals Lost
SJ Semi-Finals Lost
2009 Professional Championship N/A Mudhole Bullfrog Round of 24 Won
N/A Bender Round of 16 Won
N/A Eugene Round of 12 Won
N/A Brutality Quarter-Finals Lost
N/A Emily Won (forfeit)
N/A Tombstone Semi-Finals Lost
RoboGames 2017 120lb Combat bye Round of 32 bye
Polar Vortex Round of 24 Won
Original Sin Round of 16 Lost
Crash 'n Burn Round of 12 Lost
King of Bots Season 1 Episode 1 StingRay Round of 48 Won
Episode 5 Chiyang Jinlun Round of 24 Lost
Episode 6 EarthShaker Round of 16 Won
  • Wins: 64?
  • Losses: 24?


  • As Chinese broadcast regulations forbade the usage of the word "death" on television, Megabyte's team was introduced as the "Robotic Destruction Company" on King of Bots.
  • Megabyte is the only single robot to ever win championships in two weight categories: the heavyweight and superheavyweight divisions.
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