Mangler is a heavyweight axlebot built by Team Roaming Robots. Mangler doubles up as a featherweight house robot and heavyweight competitor. Mangler is armed with rotating drums that rotate under 500rpm.

Robot History Edit

Live EventsEdit


Mangler made its debut in 2014 after it was built. It made rare appearances in combat, mainly being on display or fighting as a house robot in featherweight battles. However, it did fight one allstars battle against Stinger, Mr Nasty and The Steel Avenger. It made little movement and lost the fight.


After being upgraded it fought in the Mechatrons event in 2017. In its first battle it fought Dozer. Mangler rammed and bashed Dozer about eventually knocking one side immobile. Mangler won the battle. Next it fought King B Remix. King B was the more aggressive and managed to win via a judges decision. Mangler fought Dozer again where it once again dominated the fight, however it managed to immobilise itself as well as Dozer at the same time, it won the fight.

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Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
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