Manfred was a Middleweight robot built by students from the National University of Engineering in Lima, Lima Province, Peru that competed at Villatronica 2006. It was a blue, four-wheeled, invertible robot armed with two ramming spikes at the front.

However Manfred had numerous problems plaguing it including a complete lack of top armor, poor wiring, and poor reliability. As a result of this Manfred barely moved at all in both of its matches, and lost both of them via unanimous decisions.

Robot HistoryEdit

Villatronica 2006Edit

Manfred's first match was against Jungles, this match started with Manfred experiencing drive issues, Jungles took advantage of this, and drove over to Manfred, and delivered an axe blow before backing away. Jungles then drove back in, and put its axe down on the exposed electronics of Manfred, but caused no real damage.

Manfred eventually got away to the other side of the arena, but Jungles gave chase, and brought its axe down again, clamping Manfred, and dragging it to the center of the arena. Jungles then continued dragging Manfred around for the remainder of the match. Unsurprisingly Jungles complete dominance caused the judges to award it a unanimous 80-0 decision.

Despite this extremely poor performance, Manfred advanced to round 2 where it faced Moshibot. In this match it likely suffered from mechanical issues as well, and it lost the match on another unanimous decision, this time 40-0. This meant that it was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Opponent(s) Round Results
Villatronica 2006 Jungles 1 Lost
Moshibot 2 Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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