Malc 1.5 was a middleweight class robot that singularly fought in the second series of Extreme of Robot Wars. It was an aluminium two-wheeled box shaped invertible robot with 4 static spikes at the front, it also had small blades on the sides, one in front of each wheel to stop the robot being flipped onto its side. The robot had a robust construction but both wheels were exposed, which proved its undoing when one of the wheels fell off. Malc 1.5 competed in the Extreme 2 Middleweight Championship, but was eliminated in the first round.

The team also competed in the Middleweight competition in the following series with Phoenix.

Robot History Edit

Malc 1.5 was up against reigning Middleweight Champions Typhoon, Steel Sandwich and Broadsword in the first round. Malc 1.5 began the battle by dodging all of the other robots about for a minute, but then it was hit by the up to speed Typhoon. Then it was attacked by Steel Sandwich. Dead Metal suddenly attacked Malc 1.5 and pushed it into its CPZ. There, both Dead Metal and Shunt attacked the invertible robot, slices formed on the bodywork and Shunt created some huge holes on the top armour. Malc 1.5 eventually escaped and went back after Steel Sandwich, but one of its wheels then fell off. It was then shoved onto an angle grinder by Dead Metal, but it tried to drive away but drove into the arena wall, where its spikes pierced the wall. Malc 1.5 was unable to move so Refbot then counted it out, eliminating it from the competition.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins:0
  • Losses:1
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