Low God's Son

Low God's Son (Simplified Chinese: 低上帝的儿子) was a Chinese Featherweight robot that competed in the 2016-2017 FMB All Star Challenge. It was a blue, box shaped, walking robot, with no active weapons. Low God's Son did poorly in competition, being destroyed by Vermillion Sparrow in its only fight.  The team that built Low God's Son also built the slightly more successful Poison.

Robot HistoryEdit

2016-2017 FMB All Star ChallengeEdit

Low God's Son's first and only fight was against Vermillion Sparrow. This fight started out with Vermillion Sparrow spinning up while Low God's Son attempted to crawl its way across the arena. Vermillion Sparrow then slammed into the slow moving walker, seemingly immobilizing it, before slamming into it again ripping pieces off in the process. Vermillion Sparrow then slammed it into the corner where Low God's Son was promptly counted out. Due to all the damage sustained in this fight it is assumed that Low God's Son was unable to be repaired in time for its next fight, and would thus have been forced to forfeit.

Series Opponent(s) Results
2016-2017 FMB All Star Challenge Vermillion Sparrow Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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