Leper messiah

Leper Messiah was a heavyweight robot built by a college team from New Mexico which competed in Season 4.0 of BattleBots. It was an octagon-shaped robot covered in holes to conserve weight (hence the name) with no weaponry (It supposedly had a spinning weapon, but it did not use it in its only competition). Leper Messiah did not do well in its only season, losing its only fight to The Matador.

Leper Messiah was named after a song by the influential American Thrash metal band Metallica, from their 1986 album Master of Puppets.

Robot History Edit

Leper Messiah's only match in BattleBots was against The Matador. The Matador had trouble steering at first, and couldn't quite get Leper Messiah in the ideal position for flipping. After chasing Leper Messiah around for a good long time, Matador finally got under and tossed its opponent in the air. However, Leper Messiah landed right way up. This happened 2 more times before Leper Messiah finally landed upside down, where it could not self-right. The Matador won by a KO and Leper Messiah was eliminated from the tournament.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Comedy Central

BattleBots Season 4.0




of 64

The Matador Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

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  • Losses: 1
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