Leighbot, was an oddly shaped robot that resembled a coffin, or a woodlouse as Jonathan Pearce described it. It was entered by Leigh City Technical College in Series 1 of Robot Wars. The robot was armoured in bullet-proof stainless steel and was armed with a rear angle grinder and a front lance, but was very slow at 3mph.

A while after Robot Wars ended, much of Leighbot was recycled to be made into an Arduino segway.

Robot History Edit

Leighbot charged into the Gauntlet, where it easily got off the turntable and headed straight for the middle route. It was then blocked by Sergeant Bash who jammed the see-saw, but Leighbot managed to make it over, then after dodging the Sergeant headed for the next ramp, where it used an fan attached to the end of its lance to blow the smoke out of the way so that the team could see where Leighbot was going. Leighbot was then clattered by the spiked swinging ball and made it to the end zone in the second fastest time.

Next was the Trial, which was a game of British Bulldog. In the Trial, it started slowly, then getting nudged by Scrapper into Dead Metal, then Shunt came in to block, but eventually Leighbot managed to get free and go across the finishing line in third place.

For the Arena Semi-final, it was drawn against Mortis, whom the team had hoped not to face immediately. The fight did not go well for Leighbot as the lance weapon was useless against Mortis's tough armour, at worst scratching it briefly. Mortis used its speed and agility to get around Leighbot and bring its tanto axe into play, which rapidly pierced holes in Leighbot's armour and crumpled the lance. Even though Mortis did briefly drive onto the arena spikes, Mortis then finished the battered Leighbot by using its wedge to get underneath Leighbot and turn around, before reversing and pushing the sideways-facing Leightbot backwards, causing the coffin-shaped robot to roll over, landing upside-down on a grille.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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