This article is about the Team Panoramic antweight. For the Canadian beetleweight, see LaunchPad (Canada)


LaunchPad is a white, chequered wedge-shaped robot with a powerful flipper. It was built by Team Panoramic and the design was based off of 2016 champion Apollo.

The design, however, had some changes due to being overweight, for example the wheel guards were removed.

Robot History Edit

LaunchPad made its debut after the 2016 Series aired in an Antweight event in Colchester.

In its first battle it fought Unknown, it had a lucky breakthrough after its opponent broke down giving it the win.

In another battle it fought three other antweights, Unknown, Ripper(?) and Unknown, it won the battle flipping its opponents about.

In another match at the Peasedown ST John event it fought against the deadly blade spinner Unknown. Avoiding eachother at first the two circled eachother until Unknown smacked into LaunchPad and sent the two flying across the arena, breaking LaunchPad's flipper. Fortunately for LaunchPad the spinner was unable to self right and LaunchPad was able to pit it.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 0
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