Kolovrat (RUS: Коловрат) is a Russian 2 Wheel Drive drum spinner. It was beaten in the first round of the War Of The Machines 2015 competition in Russia by Crazy metal. It returned for the next WOTM event in Moscow in 2016 and won it.

Robot History Edit

Perm 2015 Edit

Crazy Metal vs Kolovrat

Kolovrat gets tossed around by Crazy Metal

Kolovrat's first opponent was the Spinner and Flipper combo robot Crazy Metal. Kolovrat did not move much and had trouble getting the drum up to speed for most of the fight and was pretty sluggish, getting easily outmanoeuvred by the relatively fast Crazy Metal although it's blade was too high to hit Kolovrat. Crazy Metal attempted to flip Kolovrat a few times then left him in the corner to be counted out, it was at this moment the drum started to spin back up and Crazy Metal gained some minor damage after it drove into it. The match ended with Kolovrat being counted out meaning it was eliminated from the tournament.

Moscow 2016 Edit

Kolovrat took on and drew with Black Soul Empire in Round 1, putting both through to the Quarter Finals. Kolovrat's next opponent was Die-Hard and it won. It then beat TKOR in the Semi-Finals and Atom in the Final to became the new Russian Champion.

Series Round Opponent(s) Results
Rise of the Machines Perm 2015 1 Crazy Metal Lost
Rise of the Machines Moscow 2016 1 Black Soul Empire Draw
Quarter Final Die-Hard Won
Semi-Final TKOR Won
Final Atom Won
  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 1
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