Knightmare was a wedge-shaped robot with a front flipper which was entered by Team Knightmare in Series 4 of Robot Wars. The flipper was said to be able to serve as a srimech, but in fact Knightmare did not need to right itself, as it had the ability to run inverted, whereby it would act as a ramming wedge (in fact, on the bottom of the robot was a logo that read "Who needs a srimech?"). The bodyshell was made from motorway roadsigns and parts from a bed, and the robot could travel at 10mph. Knightmare lost in the heat final of Series 4 to Spawn of Scutter, before being taken apart and rebuilt to create its successor, Spirit of Knightmare.

Robot History Edit

Knightmare was drawn against seeded Spawn Of Scutter and Banshee in round 1. It started off slowly, letting Spawn attack Banshee. Knightmare then got into the fight, bumping Spawn. Suddenly, Spawn used its flipping spike to topple Banshee. Shunt ripped Banshee's head off, before roasting the head on the flames. Banshee was then thrown by the Floor Flipper, as its horrific torture came to a close. Knightmare was through to round 2. Knightmare was then drawn against the 26th seed Plunderbird 4, Knightmare got away quickly trying to flip Plunderbird. It did this a few more times but never was able to flip Plunderbird. Knightmare then got stuck on top of Plunderbird and Refbot had to separate them both, Knightmare finally came in on a side attack and flipped Plunderbird 4 onto its side, immobilising it. The house robots then came in to do damage before Sir Killlalot put Plunderbird 4 in the pit of oblivion. Knightmare was then up against Spawn of Scutter in the heat final.

It was a quick start both robots rushing together. Spawn of Scutter got underneath Knightmare and pushed it into Shunt. Spawn of Scutter used its spike to propel Knightmare into the house robot. Knightmare was immobilised by the first attack and Shunt put it on the floor flipper, which flipped it over onto its back before the house robots attacked it doing a lot of damage. Finally, Killalot dropped Knightmare on the edge of the pit and then Shunt bulldozed it in.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 4

Heat L Eliminator (10) Spawn of Scutter,


Semi-Final (26) Plunderbird 4 Won
Final (10) Spawn of Scutter Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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