Killer Turtle during Kilobots 37

Killer Turtle is a beetleweight class robot built by Farm Tech Robotics. It is a fast four wheel drive robot armed with a hinged spinner-killing front wedge. Killer Turtle has been reasonably successful in battle, finishing in the top three at two competitions. Parts of Killer Turtle were initially salvaged from the robot Shark Beetle.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots XXXIIIEdit


Mamba sends Killer Turtle flying

Killer Turtle's first fight was against Mamba. As the fight began Killer Turtle box-rushed at Mamba as Mamba spun its weapon up, missing and bouncing off the wall next to Mamba. Mamba turned and struck Killer Turtle, ripping its front wedge completely off, and then sending Killer Turtle into the air with another hit, sending flying to the side of the arena. Killer Turtle was about to tap out, but before he could, Mamba began to smoke and the crowd cheered for him to keep fighting. Killer Turtle began to drive evasively as Mamba's weapon seemed to have been disabled by the final hit, with Mamba chasing after the nimble Killer Turtle. After a brief chase, the two locked horns and Mamba began to smoke even more, prompting Mamba to tap out, giving the win to Killer Turtle.

Next, Killer Turtle faced Excalibur. Excalibur had the advantage in this fight from the start, being faster and having a better wedge than Killer Turtle. Excalibur used this to carry Killer Turtle around, slamming it into the walls and hazards repeatedly for the first minute, even managing to flip Killer Turtle over, which severely hampered its maneuverability and rendered its wedge useless. Eventually Killer Turtle stopped moving, prompting Excalibur to push it into the open pit for a KO.


Killer Turtle takes Final Boss into the hazards

Now in the loser's bracket, Killer Turtle's next opponent was Final Boss. Both bots advanced cautiously to the center of the arena, before Killer Turtle got around the side of Final Boss and pushed it into the wall and the red hazard. Final Boss began to spin up its saw, briefly throwing sparks off of Killer Turtle's wedge as it tried to push it before throwing sparks off of its own wedge as Killer Turtle backed away. Killer Turtle and Final Boss moved back to the arena center, with Final Boss seeming to have drive troubles on its right side. Killer Turtle continued to ram and hit the struggling Final Boss, who was unable to keep its wedge pointed at Killer Turtle. Killer Turtle then drove Final Boss into the blue hazard and into the wall before taking it back out to the arena center, where the two circled for a bit before Final Boss stopped moving and was counted out, giving Killer Turtle the win by knockout.


Killer Turtle fights Bad Idea

In the next round, Killer Turtle faced bar spinner Bad Idea. Killer Turtle charged across the arena, catching Bad Idea before it could get its weapon spun up and pushing it away, but Bad Idea retreated and spun up near the red hazard, turning around and clipping the rear of Killer Turtle, sending both bots flying. Bad Idea then began to spin up again, being assisted by the red hazard to get its weapon up to speed faster as Killer Turtle line up a charge, slamming into Bad Idea's weapon and throwing Bad Idea onto the arena sidewall, whereupon Bad Idea fell onto its back, and was unable to move. Defiant to the end, Bad Idea revved its weapon up to full speed, daring Killer Turtle to take another hit. Killer Turtle instead circled around the back of the immobile Bad Idea and shoved it across the arena, still spinning, into the arena pushout for the knockout victory.

Now in the last round of the loser's bracket, Killer Turtle faced Excalibur again. As the fight began Excalibur charged across the arena while Killer Turtle swerved into the arena wall, allowing Excalibur to get underneath it and push it around. Killer Turtle continued to back away from the aggressive Excalibur, who pursued it across the arena and got underneath it again, but was unable to carry Killer Turtle. This pattern continued, with Killer Turtle backing away, Excalibur getting under Killer Turtle and letting him go, and the cycle repeating. The fight moved in close to the blue hazard, with Excalibur taking Killer Turtle into the blue hazard twice, before the fight moved back to the arena center. Killer Turtle tried to remain evasive but was unable to escape Excalibur, who got underneath and finally pitted Killer Turtle, eliminating it from the tournament.

Killer Turtle wasn't done yet, returning for a beetleweight rumble against Bad Idea and Scary Thing. As the fight began, all three bots approached the center nervously, Bad Idea and Scary Thing revving up to full speed. Bad Idea and Scary Thing chose to attack eachother first, and Killer Turtle made its move after they clashed, slamming into Scary Thing and sending it flying, hitting two walls on the arena and coming to rest on the other side of the box. Killer Turtle didn't let up, slamming into Scary Thing again, which seemed to disable its weapon. Killer Turtle then shoved Scary Thing precariously close to the pit, where Scary Thing struggled to get traction and claw back in. Instead, Scary Thing attempted to use its weapon to get back in, which it did successfully, but this also unfortunately knocked the robot out entirely, with Bad Idea giving it a bump with its weapon to make sure. Killer Turtle then fully pitted the immobile Scary Thing. Killer Turtle then began to hound Bad Idea, staying close and trying to keep it from getting its weapon up to speed. Eventually Killer Turtle backed off, giving Bad Idea the opportunity it needed to spin up. A great hit threw Killer Turtle across the box, which seemed to damage Killer Turtle's right front wheel as it was having some issues driving. Bad Idea pursued, using the blue hazard to get its weapon going again, but another hit from the hazard seemed to unstick Killer Turtle's wheel, as it began to drive straight again, and slammed three times into Bad Idea, knocking it into the pit with the final blow and thus winning the beetleweight rumble.

Kilobots XXXVEdit


Killer Turtle pits Sentinel

Killer Turtle's first opponent was Sentinel. As the fight began, Killer Turtle raced across the arena as Sentinel slowly moved out to engage Killer Turtle, getting underneath Killer Turtle's wedge. The two circled one another trying to get to one another's sides, with Killer Turtle backing away after a bit to attempt a charge. The charge missed, giving Sentinel the opportunity to pin Killer Turtle to the wall. After releasing Killer Turtle, Sentinel backed away and Killer Turtle clipped its side, causing Sentinel to spin. While Sentinel was trying to regain its bearings, Killer Turtle caught Sentinel's side, and with one stroke, pushed it across the box and into the pit for a shocking victory.

Next, Killer Turtle fought Mamba. As the fight began, Mamba got spun up to top speed as Killer Turtle moved in behind the red hazard, waiting for Mamba to come to him. The two eyed one another before Killer Turtle darted back to the red square, circling around the slower Mamba. Mamba pursued but couldn't connect with its weapon, Killer Turtle pushing it along the walls and towards the open pushout, but Mamba slipped away just in time, retreating to the arena center, with Killer Turtle pursuing and circling around Mamba's left. Mamba then clipped the blue hazard, with Killer Turtle rushing in to try and exploit this, but Mamba pirouetted back onto its wheels and spun around Killer Turtle, landing a clean hit on Killer Turtle's wedge as it turned to face it, sending Killer Turtle cartwheeling through the air. Killer Turtle landed on its wheels, and sped past Mamba in an attempt to get behind it, but Mamba was able to turn quickly enough to intercept and then throw Killer Turtle again, this time throwing Killer Turtle onto its back. As Killer Turtle tried to regain its bearings, Mamba moved in for the kill, but Killer Turtle was able to escape to the arena center. The two circled, occasionally clashing and throwing sparks, as Killer Turtle's inverted wedge proved much harder for Mamba to bite. Still, Killer Turtle was on the back foot, clipping the red hazard several times trying to keep pointed at Mamba, before eventually catching and pinning it against the arena wall. Mamba broke free and backed away, with Killer Turtle pursuing and shoving Mamba into the blue hazard, popping it into the air and away from Killer Turtle, landing upside-down. Mamba then rushed at Killer Turtle, popping Killer Turtle back right side up with its beater bar. Killer Turtle and Mamba tussled, both getting under one another as they tried to bring their strengths into play. Mamba was flipped onto its correct side just as Killer Turtle caught it and took it into the wall and began to inch it into the pit, but Mamba's weapon caught Killer Turtle and kicked Mamba away to safety. The two circled, with Mamba getting the upper hand and throwing Killer Turtle into the wall and onto its back again. At the mercy of Mamba, Killer Turtle was shoved into the wall and red hazard by Mamba, the beater bar grinding away at Killer Turtle's armor. A pop flipped Killer Turtle right side up again and it resumed the attack, but its wedge had been bent and it was slower than before. Mamba got another hit, flipping Killer Turtle almost out of the arena via a closed pushout, but Killer Turtle tipped back into the arena and continued the fight. Now exhibing serious drive issues, Killer Turtle took hit after hit as Mamba circled and struck repeatedly. However, the hard fighting had taken its toll on Mamba as well, and its weapon was powered down as Killer Turtle tried to stay in the fight, fighting back as Mamba pushed it around the arena. The two continued to nudge at one another, Mamba nearly taking Killer Turtle into the pit, until Mamba turned its weapon back on in the final seconds of the fight, grinding against Killer Turtle's wedge as the clock ran out. In the end, the judge's decision went to Mamba, and Killer Turtle dropped into the loser's bracket.


Excalibur pins Killer Turtle

Killer Turtle then fought Excalibur in the loser's bracket. The fight began and Killer Turtle charged across the arena at Excalibur, the two bots meeting near the middle. Both bots jockeyed for position, with Excalibur catching Killer Turtle's side and taking it into the wall next to the pushout. Excalibur's wedgelets got under Killer Turtle again and shoved it into the wall, then around into the red hazard. Killer Turtle pulled away, circling for a better position, but Excalibur caught it and took it into the wall again. The two circled briefly before Killer Turtle retreated to the corner behind the blue hazard, whereupon it seemed to lose drive. Excalibur waited, but Killer Turtle remained in motion enough to avoid countout and it attacked, pushing Killer Turtle into the wall once more, as Killer Turtle fled to the other arena side. Excalibur pursued, taking Killer Turtle into the red hazard. Killer Turtle continued to back away, eventually charging with a fast slam into Excalibur, but this didn't faze Excalibur, who retaliated by taking it into the blue corner and pinning it. This move caught Killer Turtle's wedge on top of Excalibur's forks, allowing it to gently carry and drop Killer Turtle into the pushout, eliminating Killer Turtle from the tournament.

Killer Turtle wasn't done yet, as it returned for the beetleweight rumble. In the end, Scary Thing won the beetleweight rumble.

Kilobots XXXVIIEdit

Killer Turtle first fought Unknown Avenger. Both robots charged towards the center of the arena, the initial impact favoring Unknown Avenger as Killer Turtle was tossed to the side. Unknown Avenger tried to capitalize by pushing Killer Turtle, but missed and struck the blue hazard, with Killer Turtle backing away and catching Unknown Avenger on the side, taking it into the corner of the arena, pushing it into the wall. Killer Turtle backed away as Unknown Avenger seemed to have stopped moving. Unknown Avenger flailed its lifting arm in an attempt to get itself moving again as Killer Turtle lined up another blow, slamming Unknown Avenger into the wall again. Unknown Avenger then managed to move slightly, although it appeared to be having serious drive issues. After another slam into the wall from Killer Turtle, Unknown Avenger tapped out, giving the win to Killer Turtle.

Next, Killer Turtle fought Utopia. As the fight began, both bots charged towards the center with Killer Turtle swerving to the right, Utopia then quickly maneuvered to catch it, its center wedgelet slipping under Killer Turtle's wedge, allowing Utopia's drum to send Killer Turtle flipping through the air. As Killer Turtle landed, Utopia hit it again, once again sending it flying. A third pop flung Killer Turtle away. Utopia waited as Killer Turtle backed away, trying to find a better angle to attack Killer Turtle. The two circled around before Utopia got another huge flip on Killer Turtle in the red corner. Killer Turtle backed away and tried to circle around Utopia, but Utopia was able to outmaneuver Killer Turtle and strike it again. After yet another strike, Killer Turtle was flipped onto its back, leaving its hinged wedge flopping as two bolts had come loose from its mount. Killer Turtle was now maneuvering much slower thanks to its dragging wedge, and Utopia pursued, taking it into the wall and flipping it again with its drum. Utopia continued to strike at Killer Turtle, who began to suffer drive issues after Utopia struck the robot's rear. After being flipped onto its back one more time, Killer Turtle tapped out, giving the win to Utopia.


Killer Turtle fights Super Shooter McGavin

Now in the loser's bracket, Killer Turtle then fought Super Shooter McGavin. Killer Turtle began the fight by box-rushing Super Shooter McGavin as it spun up. The impact knocked both bots to the side but didn't stop Super Shooter McGavin's blade. Killer Turtle reared back and rammed Super Shooter McGavin again, this time stopping the blade cold. Super Shooter McGavin tried to spin up, but Killer Turtle began to push it across the arena past the blue hazard. Both bots backed away from one another, and Super Shooter McGavin spun up once again, although it was clear that it Super Shooter McGavin was unbalanced, as it was shaking around. Killer Turtle slammed into Super Shooter McGavin again, this hit throwing both bots away and severely damaging Killer Turtle's wedge mount, causing its wedge to flip forward. Super Shooter McGavin remained spinning but barely able to maneuver due to the lack of balance as Killer Turtle rammed it twice more. Killer Turtle then backed away and seemed to run away as Super Shooter McGavin slowly advanced. With its front wedge causing traction issues, Killer Turtle switched to ramming with the unarmored rear of the robot, hitting Super Shooter McGavin twice before getting around the rear of Super Shooter McGavin and driving it hard into the red corner, stopping Super Shooter McGavin's weapon entirely. This hit bent something on Super Shooter McGavin, as it was unable to move despite both wheels still working, and it was counted out in a shocking turn of events.


Killer Turtle prepares to pit Broadside

In the next round, Killer Turtle fought two-wheeled wedge Broadside. The fight began and both robots charged at one another, with Broadside taking the advantage, getting underneath Killer Turtle and pinning it against the wall. After the release, Broadside tried to guide Killer Turtle into the red hazard, but misdrove and hit the hazard itself. Killer Turtle was able to retaliate and get underneath Broadside, pushing it towards the open pushout. With both of Broadside's wheels off the ground, Killer Turtle was able to carefully nudge Broadside into the pushout for a quick knockout.


Scary Thing attacks Killer Turtle

Now in the finals of the loser's bracket, Killer Turtle fought Scary Thing. Killer Turtle advanced cautiously, waiting for Scary Thing as it advanced slowly towards the arena center with weapon at full speed. Killer Turtle darted back and forth, looking for an opening to attack Scary Thing, but Scary Thing swiped at its sides, sending sparks out and bending Killer Turtle's wedge. Killer Turtle retaliated, spinning around and taking Scary Thing into the red hazard. Scary Thing moved away and Killer Turtle pursued, pushing Scary Thing into the wall. Unexpectedly, Scary Thing seemed to entirely lose power, completely shutting down as Killer Turtle shoved it into the corner. Scary Thing did not power back on and was counting out, giving Killer Turtle the win by knockout, advancing to the finals.


Killer Turtle is thrown by Utopia

In the finals, Killer Turtle faced Utopia again. As the fight began both bots circled in the arena center, before Utopia struck at Killer Turtle, throwing it up in a flip through the air. Killer Turtle remained defensive, circling around the blue hazard waiting for an opening to attack, but Utopia struck again, clipping Killer Turtle's wedge and jamming it in the upright position. Killer Turtle continued to circle Utopia, now without its wedge, and Utopia caught it again, knocking the wedge back into position. The circling continued, with Utopia once again getting the upper hand and flipping Killer Turtle. Killer Turtle retreated, with Utopia continuing to take nibbles at it, its drum starting to sound more coarse than normal. A huge hit sent Killer Turtle across the box and back onto its wheels, but its wedge had been completely bent and now was not ground scraping. Killer Turtle continued to drive defensively, with Utopia refusing to give it any opening to attack. After a few more hits from Utopia, Killer Turtle was flipped on its back and seemed to be struggling to drive. Utopia took another hit, and Killer Turtle continued to limp aimlessly around the box, with Utopia spinning down its weapon and pushing Killer Turtle around and into the hazards. Utopia then got a long shove on Killer Turtle into the red corner. Utopia continued to push the battered Killer Turtle around for the remainder of the match until time ran out. Unsurprisingly, the judge's decision went to Utopia, making Killer Turtle the beetleweight runner-up.

Killer Turtle did not return for the beetleweight rumble, possibly due to damage taken during the fight with Utopia.


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Kilobots XXXIII Beetleweight Mamba Won
Excalibur Lost
Final Boss Won
Bad Idea Won
Excalibur Lost
Kilobots XXXV Beetleweight Sentinel Won
Mamba Lost
Excalibur Lost
Kilobots XXXVII Beetleweight Unknown Avenger Won
Utopia Lost
Super Shooter McGavin Won
Broadside Won
Scary Thing Won
Utopia Lost


  • Wins: 8 (+1 Rumble)
  • Losses: 6
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