Khashaba is an Indian robot built by Team Blanka Botz from Mumbai. It weighs 70kg and is armed with a vertical spinning disc. It fought in the International Battle of the Robots Event at Russia in 2016

Robot HistoryEdit

Battle of the Robots 2016 (International Event)Edit

Khashaba represented India in this event. It fought fellow robot Tanaji and and Russian robot Rake. Khashaba and Tanaji started the battle by running rings around Rake and getting their spinners up to speed and landing some hits on the big Russian Robot. However Khashabas disc stopped spinning and it spent most of the fight just hitting Rake while Tanaji was causing most of the damage still with its drum still working. In the last 10 seconds, Khashaba got under Rake and tried to push it, but it couldn't push it and it lost the fight on a judges decision.

RoboGames 2018Edit

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