Kahafre was a middleweight robot built by Team Bot Partz which competed exclusively at the first Steel Conflict event in 2002. Kahafre was blue and pyramid shaped with a fairly small chassis for a Middleweight but it was tall. Kahafre was armed with a full body spinner which was low enough to double up as a wedge and a very fast drive but was hard to control.

Robot History Edit

Steel Conflict 1 Edit

Kahafre pitted

Kahafre makes a fatal error in its attack plan.

Kahafre's first opponent was experienced bar spinner Knee-Breaker. As soon as the match started Kahafre charged straight at the relatively sluggish Knee-Breaker without even spinning up hoping to pit Knee-Breaker before it could cause damage with its spinner, however Kahafre completely missed Knee-Breaker and drove straight into the pit.

Viking Dragon slams Kahafre

Kahafre gets violently slammed into the side wall by Viking Dragon

Kahafre's next opponent was the powerful rammer Viking Dragon. Kahafre took more caution in its attack slowly driving to the centre of the arena and spinning up. Unfortunately the teeth on Kahafre where too short and low to hit anything important on Viking Dragon and it was soon rammed into the side wall immobilising it. Viking Dragon retreated to see if Kahafre was still functional and then pitted it ending Kahafre's first and only tournament.

Results Edit

Viking Dragon pits Kahafre

Kahafre gets pitted by Viking Dragon

Competition Opponent Result
Steel Conflict 1 Knee-Breaker

Viking Dragon



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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