Janus was a superheavyweight robot which competed in the final two seasons of BattleBots. It was an invertible four-wheel drive rectangular robot armed with a lifting wedge. The wheels were replaced with smaller wheels and the wheel guards removed when it competed in Season 5.0. It performed decently in competition, reaching the round of 64 in Season 4.0.

It was named after the Roman god of the same name.

Robot History Edit

Season 4.0Edit

Janus sfb01

Janus' first ever opponent in the final preliminary round was against American Justice. Janus easily got its wedge-lifter under American Justice and pushed it into a wall. American Justice looked to have control problems-- it kept wanting to go back and forth and wasn't turning very well. Janus continued to push it around, but kept lifting itself up in trying to lift American Justice. That made it hard for it to push American Justice around. It didn't really hurt Janus though as American Justice's maneuverability was just too awful. It never once lined up a hit on Janus. American Justice kept being wedged, lifted, and slowly pushed around the BattleBox before the time ran out. Janus won on a 35-10 judge's decision and advanced to the TV rounds, where it faced Ogre.

This was mostly a pushing match and at one point, Janus pushed Ogre under the pulverizer. After this, the time ran out and Ogre won on a close 24-21 judge's decision. This meant that Janus was eliminated from the tournament. Because it lost in the round of 64, Janus couldn't participate the superheavyweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament.

Season 5.0Edit

Janus' only opponent in this season was The Butcher. In this fight, The Butcher drove out, and the two circled for a short time. The Butcher pivoted quickly, and pushed Janus from the side easily. Janus, having trouble steering, managed to get The Butcher on its lifter but was only able to lift it up, not tip it over. The Butcher pinned Janus to the wall and Janus' driver immediately tapped out. The Butcher was unable to spin its weapon in this fight due to a loose wire.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
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