JJAAEL was a Peruvian robot that competed at the 2013 Warbots event. It was a two-wheeled, black, and yellow, cheveron-striped, box-shaped robot with two wedge forks at the front but no active weapons. JJAAEL did poorly in competition, as it lost its only fight to ATH.

Robot HistoryEdit

Warbots Peru 2013Edit

JJAAEL's first match was against ATH, this was a relatively dull match consisting of JJAAEL spinning in place while ATH shoved it around the arena. Unsurprisingly the judges ruled in favor of ATH, meaning that JJAAEL was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Opponent(s) Round Results
Warbots Peru 2013 ATH 1 Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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