Ivanhoe was the robot entered by Team Ivanhoe in Series 2 of Robot Wars. Ivanhoe progressed all the way to the Arena Final in its Heat, but it was defeated at this stage by G.B.H.. A second generation Ivanhoe called Ivanhoe 2 was built for Series 3, but failed to qualify. The team later entered the more successful Splinter in Series 4, 5 and Extreme 1.

Robot History Edit

In the Gauntlet, Ivanhoe showed good strength to break down the brick wall in one hit, but it got stuck on the ramp, but was accidentally nudged free by the House Robots. It outmanoeuvred the House Robots at the end and crossed the finishing line in the quickest time.

Ivanhoe weighed the maximum weight of 80 kilograms and had had the air let out of its tyres to give it maximum surface area for traction. Ivanhoe seemed to match Matilda until it was finally pulled in after 22 seconds. This was the second-best score in the Trial round.

In the Arena stage, it was drawn against Kill Dozer. Its opponent managed to lift Ivanhoe early into the fight but found itself unable to push or do anything else so were forced to let Ivanhoe go. Ivanhoe pushed Kill Dozer into the PPZ where it was set upon by Sir Killalot who dangled it over the flame pit and then dropped it into the pit.

Into the Heat Final against Team Joint Effort's G.B.H., Ivanhoe was quickly turned over by G.B.H.'s scoop. Ivanhoe was meant to roll back onto its wheels, but not enough momentum had been gained so it didn't roll, thus eliminating Ivanhoe from the competition. G.B.H. then pushed Ivanhoe into the pit as the show's credits rolled.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 2 Heat J Gauntlet N/A Completed



Tug of War Matilda 22.35 seconds



Semi-Final Kill Dozer Won
Final G.B.H Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
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