Iron Steal
Iron Steal is a Peruvian robot that competed in Warbots 2013. It is a silver, two-wheeled, box wedge-shaped robot with a hot rod flame paintjob on the sides and two eyes painted at the front, Iron Steal was armed with a small front-mounted vertical flywheel.

However Iron Steal suffered from build quality issues, and only managed to win one fight before losing in the second round due to eventual runner-up ATH due to massive damage sustained in its first fight, which would later turn out to be the most destructive fight of the event.

Robot HistoryEdit

Warbots Peru 2013Edit

Iron Steal's first match was against Bullbot, this match started with Iron Steal spinning up, and driving up on top of Bullbots wedge trying to rip apart its thin top armor. However Bullbot backed off, and slammed the side of Iron Steal before getting around to the rear of it, and slamming it against the wall. Bullbot then continued slamming Iron Steal into the wall, and pinning it several times.

Each slam caused more damage to the top of Iron Steal, causing the unsecured top panel to flop around. Bullbot then slammed it one more time, this caused the top to come flying off of Iron Steal, and once released from the pin by Bullbot, Iron Steal drove over its top panel, and got high centered causing the match to be paused to free it.

Once the fight resumed Bullbot continued slamming Iron Steal around, however Iron Steal got a lucky hit in with its blade which knocked something loose inside of Bullbot, which then stopped moving. Iron Steal then drove up the wedge of Bullbot, and ripped the top off of it, and tore apart some wires as Bullbot was counted out.

This destructive KO put Iron Steal into the next round where it faced ATH. This match was also uneventful as due to damage from the previous fight, Iron Steal was suffering drive issues with only one side of its drivetrain working, and its weapon failing to function at all. ATH took full advantage of this, slamming the crippled Iron Steal into the wall where it stopped moving completely and was eventually counted out. This meant that Iron Steal was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Opponent(s) Round Result
Warbots Peru 2013 Bullbot 1 Won


  • Wins:  1
  • Losses: 1
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