InsaniTi at Kilobots 40

InsaniTi is a beetleweight class robot built by Canadian Carnage Robotics. InsaniTi is a compact, two-wheel drive beater-bar spinner clad entirely in thick metal armor. InsaniTi has thus far had a very successful career across its two years of competition.

Robot HistoryEdit

Motorama 2017Edit

Kilobots XXXVIIEdit


InsaniTi during Kilobots 37

InsaniTi had an unenviable draw for its first Kilobots event, being matched against the reigning champion Utopia. As the fight began both robots revved their weapons up to full speed and charged, with InsaniTi slipping around the side of Utopia, but was unable to attack before Utopia pivoted and went head on. This first hit merely knocked the two robots gently away, but Utopia followed up its attack and perched InsaniTi on top of itself, throwing titanium sparks as its drum began to grind away at InsaniTi, eventually popping it up. Utopia followed up, throwing InsaniTi into the wall and flipping it upside down. Utopia continued to maintain control of InsaniTi, which was unable to evade or reposition to attack Utopia effectively. Foam shavings were flung everywhere from InsaniTi's wheels, but eventually it slipped away and gyro-danced back to right-side up and smashed Utopia's left bulkhead, knocking it away. After another hit Utopia was thrown onto its back, finally turning the initiative to InsaniTi, who smashed Utopia into the ceiling. However, this hit had not killed Utopia, but it had disabled InsaniTi's weapon, and Utopia, still upside-down, throttled back and pursued the fleeing InsaniTi. After lopping off one of InsaniTi's wheels, InsaniTi tapped out, giving the win to Utopia.

Now in the loser's bracket, InsaniTi fought beater bar spinner Bloodless. InsaniTi won this fight and advanced.

In the next round InsaniTi was matched against undercutter Super Shooter McGavin. The fight didn't last long, as InsaniTi completely shut down in its starting square, tapping out before Super Shooter McGavin could even reach it and dropping out of the tournament.

InsaniTi wasn't done, however, and with its electrical troubles fixed, won the beetleweight rumble.

Motorama 2018Edit

Kilobots XLEdit


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Motorama 2017 Beetleweight Captain Doom Won
Full Metal Breakfast Won
Cyanide Won
Icky Mouse Lost
Grande Tambor Won
Revenge of Dr. Super Brain Won
Sparky Won
Dinner Time Lost
Kilobots XXXVII Beetleweight Utopia Lost
Bloodless Won
Super Shooter McGavin Lost
Motorama 2018 Beetleweight Bucky Won
Danger Zone Won
Purple Nation Army Won
Squishy Lost
Jason Lost
Kilobots XL Beetleweight Hoot Won
Unknown Avenger Lost
Dr. Horrible Won
Excalibur Won
Utopia Lost


  • Wins: 13 (+1 rumble win)
  • Losses: 8
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