Indefatigable was a box shaped robot that exclusively competed in Series 4 of Robot Wars. It was painted light blue, and was made of aluminium from an old quarry truck and recycled polycarbonate and plastic from old telephone boxes. The wheels were from wheely bins and the team chose the name as they thought it would be "unstoppable" and "can't be wrecked".

The main weapon of Indefatigable was a forklift at the front with sharp ramming spikes on the ends. The weapon was only capable of lifting up to 75kg, meaning it would be incapable of lifting most robots in the competition, but the robot was quite fast, with a top speed of 17mph.

The team has built a successor to Indefatigable called Indefatigable Mangolier which has an overhead spinning bar similar to the Extreme 2 version of Terror Turtle but it has yet to be seen competing.

Robot History Edit

Indefatigable had an unfortunate draw as it was drawn against the reigning champions and number 1 seeds Chaos 2 in the first battle of the series, along with fellow newcomers Atomic. In the battle, Chaos 2 was first to attack, speeding at Atomic and attempting to flip it. However, Chaos 2 missed and the two proceeded to battle until Indefatigable came charging in. Chaos 2 continued to focus on Atomic and finally managed to flip it onto its side. While Chaos 2 chased after Indefatigable, Atomic managed to self-right. A few moments later, Indefatigable was turned on its side by Chaos 2, but unlike Atomic, it had no srimech, so it was left stranded and deemed immobilised. Chaos 2 then turned its attention back to Atomic, flipping it again but as before, it self-righted. This time, however, Atomic's flipper became stuck open, so when it was flipped for a third time, it could not turn itself back over, although it still survived the melee, as Indefatigable was still flipped. Despite being victorious, Chaos 2 was still not content with what it had done, so it snatched Indefatigable from Sergeant Bash and threw the newcomers out of the arena. After this, cease was finally called to signal the end of the battle. Indefatigable was the first robot to be eliminated from The Fourth Wars, and the second robot in history to be flipped out of the arena (Firestorm being the first).

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 4 Heat A Eliminator (1) Chaos 2,



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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