For the Robotica Season 2.0 Finalist, see Ill-Tempered Mutt (US)

Ill-Tempered Mutt is a robot which attempted to enter Series 9 of Robot Wars, built by Team Underdog, but was not selected to compete. Its original identity was Hit Man, which attempted to qualify for Series 4 before Team Legion purchased it in 2016.
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Ill-Tempered Mutt uses a thwackbot-style design, featuring a large front wedge. Within the wedge is a red circular saw, which connects with other robots when Ill-Tempered Mutt spins in place. The other end of the robot features a steep wedge where the robot's 'face' is found, and two spikes. It is two-wheel driven, making the robot invertible, and mixes metal with polycarbonate for armour.

Ill-Tempered Mutt is driven by two Bosch motors, powered by LiPo batteries. Additional LiPo batteries also power the 6s ESC brushless motor behind the robot's circular saw. The robot's 2-stage gear boxes are chain driven, and a Roboteq speed controller is also part of the robot's internals.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

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Following on from Ill-Tempered Mutt not being selected to compete on Robot Wars, and the team's inability to enter Extreme Robots in Manchester, Team Underdog elected to sell Ill-Tempered Mutt by launching a post on the Fighting Robots Association forums. This quickly attracted interest from various roboteers, including the current owners of PC Plod, and Team Death.

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