Iasius is a UK antweight class robot originally built by Nuts & Bots that competed at BotFest Pilot 2018. Iasius is a black and white flipper with a large front flipping panel, adorned with a face.

Robot HistoryEdit

BotFest Pilot 2018Edit

Iasius was placed into Heat C.

In its first fight, Iasius faced Ant Dino, a blocky wedge with a pair of "lances" strapped to either side. As the fight began, Iasius and Ant Dino charged at one another, with Ant Dino proving slower, but having the better wedge. Ant Dino got underneath Iasius and pushed it forward. Iasius tried to back away, but wound up driving itself into the arena trench, handing Ant Dino an easy victory.

In its second fight, Iasius faced Ethics Gradient. Iasius won this fight.

In its third fight, Iasius faced Pullover. Iasius won this fight.

Iasius advanced to the finals with two wins under its belt.

Iasius faced Axe On Axe Off in the quarterfinals. Iasius won this fight and advanced.

In the semifinals, Iasius faced Mini Kev Awe, a rear-hinged flipper also built by Nuts & Bots, from the same team as Ant Dino. As the fight began both robots charged at one another but Iasius swerved to the left, allowing Mini Kev Awe to get underneath it and throw Iasius onto its back. Iasius self-righted and retreated to the arena center, with both bots charging again but both missed. The two circled around one another until Mini Kev Awe got underneath the side of Iasius, and promptly threw it into the arena trench, finishing off Iasius and eliminating it from the tournament.

Iasius returned for the Annihilator rounds.


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
BotFest Pilot 2018 UK Antweight Ant Dino Lost
Ethics Gradient Won
Pullover Won
Axe On Axe Off Won
Mini Kev Awe Lost


  • Wins: 3?
  • Losses: 2?
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