IG-88 was a heavyweight robot that competed in Series 7 of Robot Wars. It was built by Team Vader and was entered alongside the team's original entry, Vader, reaching the Heat Final before being flipped out of the arena by Dantomkia.

Like Vader, IG-88's name originated from the Star Wars film franchise, this time from the bounty hunter droid IG-88.

The robot was set to appear in the Roaming Robots 2006 Championships but it withdrew.

Robot History Edit

IG-88 had a good draw with the experienced Scorpion, alongside relatively new robots The Stag and Tomahawk. It managed to immobilise Tomahawk with two strong blows. IG-88 then rammed The Stag, buckling one of its pincers, before chasing after it and flipping it clean over. As IG-88 dealt more punishment to both opponents, The Stag fled and drove into the pit. IG-88 then ripped a panel clean off Scorpion, who was already through to the next round.

IG-88 then threw the armour panel out of the arena and met the much more experienced King B Powerworks. However, IG-88's weaponry was more potent than King B Powerworks, and managed to land a powerful blow that hurled King B Powerworks into the side wall. IG-88 closed in and hammered King B Powerworks into immobilisation in the CPZ.

IG-88 was taken through to fight 5th seed Dantomkia. Here, Dantomkia slid beneath IG-88 and pushed it towards the side wall. Dantomkia's wedge was too low for the bi-rotational axe to hit, and Dantomkia launched IG-88 onto the side wall. The bi-rotational axe caught the side wall and pulled IG-88 over and out of the arena. The whole battle lasted 8 seconds, which broke the quickest battle record which had stood since Series 3.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat C Eliminator Scorpion

The Stag


Semi-Final King B Powerworks Won
Final (5) Dantomkia Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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