Hydra 2009

Hydra was a competitor robot that fought in Series 5-7 of Robot Wars as well as the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. It enjoyed a mixed run of success; reaching the Heat Final in Series 6 and finishing runner-up in the Extreme 2 Tag Team Terror alongside Barbaric Response, but losing in the first round in both of its other main series appearances.

The robot was named after Lernaean Hydra, a snake-like creature in Greek and Roman mythology that possessed many heads.

Robot History Edit

Series 5Edit


Hydra made its Robot Wars debut in Heat G, where it faced the thirteenth seed Spawn Again in its first-round battle. It drove towards and attempted to dodge Spawn Again, only to be scooped up and thrown onto its back straight away by the latter. Immediately, Hydra righted itself, and momentarily charged towards Matilda before backing away across the arena. After spending some time turning round and darting around, Hydra charged up Spawn Again's flipper, failing to throw it over, before backing up and driving up Spawn Again a second time. This allowed Spawn Again to throw Hydra over again and Hydra to self-right in response, with Hydra again driving close to Matilda before being collected and thrown forwards by Spawn Again. Hydra self-righted again, but became immobilised following another flip from Spawn Again, and fired its flipping arm in vain as Spawn Again pushed and flipped it against the wall. Matilda reversed out of her CPZ to attack Hydra's rear armour, with Hydra firmly wedged against the wall as she and Spawn Again rammed it repeatedly. Spawn Again flipped Hydra twice more while Matilda and Sir Killalot attacked it, before Hydra was counted out by Refbot and sustained more damage to its armour and flipping arm from the House Robots. With CO2 venting from its now-damaged flipping arm, Hydra was paraded around the arena and spun round by Sir Killalot, before being pitted by Matilda. This eliminated it from the Fifth Wars.

Series 6Edit


A completely rebuilt Hydra returned for the Sixth Wars, competing in Heat J. In its first-round melee, it fought the sixth seed Dominator 2 as well as fellow series returnees Axe-C-Dent 2 and Sumpthing. Hydra started by immediately ramming and flipping Axe-C-Dent 2 over, leaving Axe-C-Dent 2 stranded on its front. It survived an axe blow from Dominator 2 to push and flick it into Sumpthing, before flipping the double series Semi-Finalist into Refbot and attacking Sumpthing. Again, Hydra charged into Dominator 2 after the latter righted itself, before pushing Sumpthing back. It eventually pushed Sumpthing into an empty CPZ before Dominator 2 bumped into it again. After a moment's hesitation, Hydra flipped Dominator 2 onto its side once again, and used its flipping arm to clamp Dominator 2 as it hammered and pushed it into another CPZ. It steered and bumped Dominator 2 around the arena as Dominator 2 tried in vain to hit it with its own axe, before bumping into Growler as he dragged Axe-C-Dent 2 around with his jaws.Hydra then hammered and flipped Axe-C-Dent 2 over again after the latter was dragged back onto its wheels, before briefly pushing Sumpthing into Growler, causing one of Sumpthing's wheels to seize in the process. It proceeded to push Dominator 2 again over the Flame Pit, before getting hit from above and almost getting knocked onto its side by Axe-C-Dent 2; the latter being thrown by the Floor Flipper. As Sumpthing was counted out, Hydra was pushed into the pit release button and axed by Dominator 2, with both robots briefly driving close to the descending pit, but going through to the second round anyway.

There, Hydra faced the similarly-armed Comengetorix, the successor to Series 2-4 competitor Vercingetorix. It drove around and into Comengetorix in the opening seconds, before briefly pushing it back as both robots fired their weapons at each other. Hydra fired its hammer at Comengetorix once more, but missed, before bumping into and finally hitting Comengetorix as the latter struggled to move effectively across the arena – the floor being slippery with hydraulic fluid. It made another charge at Comengetorix over the Floor Spinner, but missed, sustaining an axe blow in the process, although without sustaining any damage. Hydra recovered to flip Comengetorix over, pushing it onto a CO2 jet as it righted itself, before turning round, bumping and hammering Comengetorix towards the Floor Flipper. After a brief hesitation, it turned and flipped Comengetorix against an angle grinder, before hoisting it into the air after the latter self-righted immediately. Hydra pursued Comengetorix again as the latter struggled for traction on the arena floor, before lifting it onto another angle grinder and leaving it wedged there. It hammered Comengetorix several times as the latter tried to shake itself off the grinder using its weapons, with Comengetorix's flipping arm breaking in half as it finally freed itself, before pushing and bumping Comengetorix into the pit release button. With Comengetorix still struggling to move properly, Hydra rammed and hammered it into the wall and CPZ before lifting it into Sergeant Bash. It briefly drove up Comengetorix's wedge and exchanged axe blows with it before Comengetorix got its axe wedged underneath Hydra's opened flipping arm. The two robots separated, only for Comengetorix to again catch its axe in Hydra's pneumatics system and Hydra to hammer Comengetorix repeatedly until 'cease' was called. As a result, the battle went to a Judges' decision, which went in favour of Hydra.

In the Heat Final, Hydra faced Dominator 2 for the second time. In the opening seconds, it was immediately bumped by Dominator 2 while avoiding its axe, before slamming into its side in return and flipping it over, all while pushing it across the arena towards an angle grinder. Dominator 2 self-righted, but Hydra dodged its axe again after briefly getting pinned against the grinder, and pushed Dominator 2 into another grinder and across the arena again. Another couple of rams ensued, before Hydra threw Dominator 2 onto its side again and bumped into it as both robots drove alongside each other. However, Dominator 2 responded by axing Hydra's top armour, the two robots now stuck together as Hydra dragged and pushed Dominator 2 along with it. They separated as Dominator 2’s axe retracted, with Hydra driving away from Dominator 2 before sustaining another axe blow and dragging Dominator 2 around in circles. Hydra responded by nudging Dominator 2 aside, but sustained yet more blows to its weapons and armour, and failed to flip Dominator 2 again after dodging and getting underneath it again. By this point, Hydra had noticeably lost speed across the arena, allowing Dominator 2 to axe it again and Hydra to drag it back once more. Hydra sustained yet more axe blows as it slowly pushed Dominator 2 onto the Flame Pit, before Dominator pushed it back. With Dominator 2's axe head embedded in its armour, Hydra retaliated by hammering Dominator 2's titanium shell several times, although without causing any significant damage. Both robots separated, with Hydra now crawling sluggishly across the arena as Dominator 2 hit it again. Hydra hammered Dominator 2 one last time before 'cease' was called, and the battle went to a Judges' decision. Despite having started the Heat Final strongly, Hydra ultimately lost the decision to Dominator 2, and was eliminated from the Sixth Wars as a result.

Extreme 2Edit


Hydra solely competed in the Tag Team Terror competition, where it was paired with Barbaric Response. In their first-round battle, they faced Velocirippa and Mighty Mouse, with Hydra and Velocirippa fighting first. At the start, Hydra immediately charged at Velocirippa, both robots deflecting upon contact with each other, before attempting to flip Velocirippa over. Velocirippa drove away, but Hydra succeeded in lifting Velocirippa as the latter backed into it, and another succession of rams immobilised Velocirippa completely. Hydra hammered the immobile Velocirippa before rolling it over and leaving it close to the Flame Pit. It momentarily stayed out of the action as Mighty Mouse came out of its CPZ to try to push Velocirippa off, and Barbaric Response proceeded to flip and push Mighty Mouse around the arena and into Matilda. Eventually, Hydra rammed Mighty Mouse into an angle grinder and the Floor Spinner button, before hammering and pushing it into the descending pit. It then pushed Velocirippa into an empty CPZ as Barbaric Response attacked Shunt, with both robots progressing to the second round.

There, Hydra and Barbaric Response faced series veterans X-Terminator and Mini Morg. As before, Hydra fought first, and survived X-Terminator's first axe blow to push and lift it onto its back, with X-Terminator sliding into Dead Metal's CPZ as a result of this attack. Hydra bumped into and was briefly lifted by Mini Morg, before bumping into the wall and tagging Barbaric Response. It remained in the CPZ until Barbaric Response tagged it, and proceeded to ram X-Terminator into Mini Morg's disc. Hydra then lifted and pushed Mini Morg towards Barbaric Response, but was axed by X-Terminator in the process, before simultaneously hammering and rolling Mini Morg over close to Refbot. Again, Hydra was momentarily lifted by Mini Morg, before pushing and flipping Mini Morg into Growler, the attack leaving Mini Morg without any sufficient momentum to roll back onto its wheels before Growler attacked the latter. Hydra then flipped X-Terminator over and pressed it against the wall as it self-righted, and finished the battle by pushing and dragging X-Terminator back and forth across the arena as the latter axed it. With Mini Morg becoming immobilised, counted out and pitted in the meantime, Hydra and Barbaric Response were declared the winners.

In the Tag Team Terror final, Hydra and Barbaric Response faced Bulldog Breed and Robochicken. As in previous battles, Hydra fought first; in the opening moments, both it and Bulldog Breed drove at and dodged each other before Bulldog Breed got underneath Hydra from the side and threw it over. Hydra attempted to self-right, but its chassis design prevented its flipping arm from doing so numerous times, resulting in Barbaric Response leaving its corner to flip Bulldog Breed and try and flip Hydra back onto its wheels. An attack from Bulldog Breed succeeded in re-righting Hydra, which drove away from Bulldog Breed in an attempt to avoid the latter's flipper. Eventually, Hydra was flipped over again by Bulldog Breed, and as before was unable to use its lifting arm or hammer to self-right properly. It was counted out by Refbot, and was promptly hammered and grabbed by Mr. Psycho as it sat immobile next to the Floor Flipper. Mr. Psycho carried Hydra around the arena before lowering it over the Flame Pit and dropping it into the pit. With Barbaric Response having also broken down earlier on in the battle, this resulted in both Hydra and Barbaric Response finishing as runners-up in the Extreme 2 Tag Team Terror.

Series 7Edit

Hydra 7

With further revisions to its weapons and chassis, Hydra made its return in the Seventh Wars, competing in Heat D. In its first-round battle, it fought New Blood Grand Finalist Thor, Dutch Series competitor Gravity and series newcomer Hodaf the Bad. Immediately, it was targeted and thrown into the air by Gravity, before attempting to flip and push Gravity back as the latter flipped itself over. The two robots drove around each other, with Hydra unable to damage Gravity with its axe as it pushed the Dutch robot towards the wall. Hydra then attempted to attack Thor, but was pushed away by Gravity, and resorted to flipping Hodaf the Bad against the wall, which promptly self-righted in response. It hesitated in the middle of the arena, before Gravity got underneath, pushed it around, and tossed it halfway across the arena with a second flip. Hydra landed back on its wheels, and responded by flicking Gravity onto its rear panels, but not over. It was then corned against and thrown onto the wall by Gravity, the wall panel giving way as Hydra landed squarely on it. Hydra self-righted using its axe, but was immediately thrown out of the arena - and into a camera – by Gravity, whose attacks caused the battle to be stopped for safety reasons. As a result, the Judges were required to make a decision, but as Hydra had already been flipped out before 'cease' was called, it was eliminated from the Seventh Wars along with Hodaf the Bad.

Despite its early exit from the main UK championship, Hydra later reappeared in the one-off Axe Attack, a Special Event broadcast as part of Heat F. There, it faced Iron-Awe 2.1 and Kat 3, and started the battle by darting in between Iron-Awe 2.1 and Kat 3 and driving close to an empty CPZ. Hydra turned round and rammed into the side of Iron-Awe 2.1, striking it with its axe, but missing its next few blows as it reversed. It eventually axed Iron-Awe 2.1's flipper and pushed it into the wall as Kat 3 joined in, before attacking Kat 3 and Iron-Awe 2.1 again in rapid succession as the latter retreated across the arena. As Iron-Awe 2.1 struggled to retract its axe, Hydra got underneath and pushed it against another wall, before bumping and striking the now-immobilised Kat 3 a few times. Hydra then used its axe to turn Iron-Awe 2.1 on its side as the latter tried to attack Kat 3, before axing and shoving it into Shunt's CPZ. It proceeded to push Kat 3 towards the wall and axe Iron-Awe 2.1 a few more times, before being attacked by Shunt despite not being near his CPZ. In response, Hydra flipped Shunt over and pushed Cassius Chrome into the wall, with both it and Iron-Awe 2.1 now focusing on attacking the House Robots following Kat 3's demise. After Iron-Awe 2.1 and Cassius Chrome got stuck together, Hydra prised them apart with a few rams, its axe seemingly unable to retract fully, before driving around the arena and ramming Cassius Chrome a couple of times. Unfortunately, Refbot pressed the pit release button as it did so, resulting in Hydra accidentally reversing onto the pit square just as it began to descend. Hydra thus lost the Axe Attack to Iron-Awe 2.1, with the team stating in the interviews afterwards that they were taken aback by Refbot's intervention.

Live EventsEdit

2008 UK ChampionshipsEdit

After 5 years of retirement from the robot combat scene, Hydra came back for its first ever UK Championships outside of Robot Wars. It only had one battle though as it got thrown rapidly out of the arena by Apocalypse which eliminated it.

2008 Winter TourEdit

Hydra also took part in the last Winter Tour of Roaming Robots in the same year. It lost its first qualifier match to 8465T after being flipped over where it ran out of gas to self-right and was thrown out of the arena and managed to win against Maelstrom at Nottingham on a judges decision after being the more aggressive. The points that Hydra recieved for beating Maelstrom gave it access into the finals at Maidstone. In Round 1, it pitted Envy in 16 seconds so it qualified on to the quarter-finals where it met Terrorhurtz only to lose to it after taking more damage.

2009 UK ChampionshipsEdit

Hydra also participated in the first year-long UK Championships in 2009. It lost its first qualifier match to St Hammer after it got disabled by St Hammer's axe. It did win its next qualifier at Portsmouth against Envy, Merlin & Tilly Evo. Next it met Terrorhurtz at Maidstone where it lost after taking damage again and didn't make the finals at Wigan.

2010 UK ChampionshipsEdit

Hydra is one of the competitors in the 2010 UK Championships, It lost its first qualifier match to Ripper Evo and next lost its qualifier match at Whitwick to Meggamouse. It also lost its recent qualifier match at Nottingham to And His Army. Despite its success, Hydra has 9 points in the league table and is in the top 10.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat G Eliminator (13) Spawn Again Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 6 Heat J Eliminator (6) Dominator 2

Axe-C-Dent 2


Round 2 Comengetorix Won
Heat Final (6) Dominator 2 Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 2 Tag-Team Terror (With

Barbaric Response)

Round 1 Velocirippa & Mighty Mouse Won
Semi-Final X-Terminator & Mini Morg Won
Final Bulldog Breed & Robochicken Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat D Eliminator Gravity

Hodaf the Bad


Special Event Axe-Attack Kat 3

Iron-Awe 2.1

Robot Rumble Colchester 2008 Heat Tough As Nails


Big Melee Iron-Awe 5

Bigger Brother, L, TillyEwe 2

Aligator, Batterbot, Obsidian

Whiteboard Weird Alice 2


Tough As Nails

Whiteboard Batterbot

TillyEwe 2

Tough As Nails

Roaming Robots Stoke on Trent 2008 Whiteboard Iron-Awe 5

Edge Hog

Fighting Robots UK Championships 2008 Qualifiers Battle 3 (6) Apocalypse Lost
Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2008 Round 1 - Portsmouth Qualifier Beast Lost
Round 2 - Nottingham Qualifier Maelstrom Won
Finals - Maidstone Round 1 Envy Won
Quarter-Final Terrorhurtz Lost
Roaming Robots 2009 Aylesbury 2009 Whiteboard fight Cabrakan Won
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Round 3 - Brentwood Qualifier Dantomkia

St Hammer

Round 6 - Portsmouth Qualifier Envy


Tilly 2 Evo

Round 7 - Maidstone Qualifier Terrorhurtz Lost
Roaming Robots 2010 RIAT 2010 Whiteboard fight Tough As Nails


Whiteboard fight Tough As Nails

BullFrog Breed

Whiteboard fight BullFrog Breed


Fighting Robots UK Championships 2010 Round 1 - Barnsley Qualifier (3) Ripper Evo


Round 2 - Whitwick Qualifier (4) Meggamouse Lost
Round 3 - Nottingham Qualifier (5) And His Army Lost
Round 4 - Burgess-Hill Qualifier (6) Tilly 2 Evo

St Hammer

Round 5 - Brentwood Qualifier (7) Iron-Awe 5 Lost
Round 7 - Guildford Qualifier (9) Beast Won

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 13
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