Hoser'd was a Antweight robot built by Derek Young that competed in the Season 5.0 BattleAnts event, and Gasworks 2002. It was a Blue Shufflebot with a extremely destructive horizontal spinning bar. Hoser'd did extremely well in competition, never losing a single battle over two events.

Following Gasworks 2002 Hoser'd was resold to Team Mad Cow, and renamed Kung Fu Cow. It was then sold to Fingertech Robotics, who rebuilt it into Hoser'd: Reloaded which had limited success until its final retirement in 2010.

Robot HistoryEdit

Gasworks 2002Edit

Hoser'd's first opponent was The Fly. This fight started with The Fly charging at Hoser'd which had already spun up. Hoser'd then ripped The Fly's tupperware wheels clean off, knocking The Fly out. It then faced Ripple in the round of 16. It won this match, and faced Steelhead in the quarterfinals. It won this as well putting it in the semifinals where it faced Angry Ant.

This fight started with Hoser'd shuffling over to Angry Ant, at which point both robots spun up. Hoser'd then impacted Angry Ant weapon to weapon, and ripped off Angry Ant's spinning bar. Now weaponless Angry Ant drove towards Hoser'd again. It is unclear what happened after this point as the rest of the match has been lost to time, Hoser'd won however, and advanced to the finals where it faced Ripple once again.

This fight started with Ripple driving at Hoser'd which flung Ripple accross the arena. This stopped the spinning bar on Hoser'd temporarily, however Ripple was unable to capitolize on this as Hoser'd spun back up, and impacted Ripple, sending it flying once again. Like the Angry Ant fight it is unclear what happened after this hit, except for the fact that Hoser'd won, and became the Antweight champion of Gasworks 2002.

Season 5.0 BattleAntsEdit

It is unknown exactly whom Hoser'd faced this competition, what is known is that it won the whole event.


Season Event Opponent(s) Round Results
Gasworks 2002 Antweight Division The Fly Round

of 20

Ripple Round

of 16

Steelhead Quarter


Angry Ant Semi-Finals Won
Ripple Finals Won
Comedy Central

Battlebots Season 5.0

BattleAnts unknown Round

of 16

unknown Quarter


unknown Semi-Finals Won
unknown Finals Won


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 0
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