Heavy Metal
Not to be confused with the Heavyweight Robot which entered Series 9 of Robot Wars.

Heavy Metal was a 25kg Lightweight robot from Finland that competed at  Robosota April, and November 2004 Model Expo as well as Insomnia VII. It was built by Team Death, and was a circular, silver, and black robot with a spinning shell made out of a lorry hub.

Heavy Metal did well in competition, never failing to reach a semi-final, in every competition it entered, and even finishing runner-up on one occasion. It was retired after 2005 when Robosota (Finland's only Robot Combat Association) stopped holding the Lightweight division.

Robot HistoryEdit

Robosota @ Model Expo, April 2004Edit

Robosota @ Model Expo, November 2004Edit

Robosota @ Insomnnia VIIEdit

Heavy Metal's first match this event was against Antero. It lost this match by a judges decision, and next fought Final Destination. It won this match, and advanced to the loser's bracket finals where it faced Depis. It lost this match and was eliminated from the competition in third place once again.


Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robosota @ Insomnia VII Robosota @ Insomnia VII Semi-Finals Antero Lost
Final Destination Won
Loser's Bracket Final Depis Lost


  • Wins: 1?
  • Losses: 2?
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