Hawk Hunter (Simplified Chinese: 离火红缨) is a Heavyweight robot from Hangzhou, China that contested the inaugural King of Bots competition. It is a red, and silver, box-shaped robot. Hawk Hunter is armed with a pneumatic spike and flamethrower, as well as two srimech arms on the top.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots Season 1Edit

Hawk Hunter fought UK robot Spectre in the first round. Hawk Hunter didn't do very well in this fight, with Spectre maneuvering around their weapon and grabbing them several times, putting big holes in the chassis. Eventually Spectre hit Hawk Hunter's flamethrower fuel, causing a massive fireball to erupt from the chassis. After this, Hawk Hunter was immobile, and was counted out while Spectre did a victory dance. Unfortunately, Hawk Hunter was not selected to be a wildcard, meaning their tournament ended here.


Series Episode Opponent(s) Round Results
King of Bots Season 1.0 Episode 1 Spectre 1 Lost
  • Wins:0
  • Losses:1
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