Havoc was a heavyweight that singularly entered in the second series of Robot Wars. It progressed steadily through its heat, but eventually lost against Haardvark in the heat final after being flipped over.

The team also entered Series 3 with Undertaker, without as much success. The team then later attempted to qualify for Series 4 with their new robot Cannibal, but failed to qualify for the main competition.


File:Havoc mace.gif
Havoc was a black box wedge shaped robot. It was armed with interchangeable weaponry, between a swinging spiked mace and a small flipping arm/battering ram powered by a windscreen wiper motor and steel spikes at the rear. The front panels were made from T6 aluminium traditionally used on aircraft. It had reasonable power for a machine of its time, but had a huge ground clearance.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit

Havoc's Robot Wars career did not start well as one of its motors stopped working just as it was about to take on the Gauntlet. The team managed to repair the broken wiring and then Havoc began its Gauntlet run. Havoc chose to take The Sentinel route and after some steering problems managed to drive past the Sentinel, but Dead Metal came in and pushed Havoc back past the Sentinel. Havoc lined up again but got pinned against the Sentinel by Dead Metal, it remained pinned until its time ran out, but it had covered 8.2 metres which placed it third on the leader board.
Next was the Trial stage which was Sumo in which Havoc dodged Dead Metal, but then got stuck on the edge of the ring and was slowly pushed off by the house robot. However Havoc had lasted long enough to go through to the Arena stage. In its first head-to-head battle, it faced Flirty Skirty. Havoc immediately rammed into the much slower Flirty Skirty, pushing its opponent into the PPZ, where the House Robots tore Flirty Skirty apart, thus sending Havoc through to the Heat Final.
File:Havoc vs Haardvark.jpg
There, it faced Haardvark, in which both robots bashed into each other. Havoc than span on the spot in an attempt to hit Haardvark with its mace. It was then pushed onto the Flame Pit, but it managed to steer away. Havoc then pushed Haardvark into the large pendulum, but Haardvark pushed back and Havoc was shoved into Shunt, who axed Havoc's top armour and then pushed Havoc into the arena wall which flipped Havoc onto its side sending it out of the competition.


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
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