Hangar 11

Hangar 11 with its wedge attachment at the rear.

Hangar 11 was a US Antweight built by Team Mind Jet from New York City, New York that competed in the NERC's annual Franklin Institute Robot Combat events in 2012, and 2013. It was a modified Fingertech Viper kit armored in titanium, and equipped with a lifting tail, as well as a trio of interchangeable static weapons at the rear (a keep away bar, a wedge, and a trident).

Hangar 11 did decently in competition, winning and loing four fights.

Robot HistoryEdit

Franklin Institute Robot Combat 2012Edit

Franklin Institute Robot Combat 2013Edit


Competition Event Opponent(s) Round Results
Franklin Institute Robot Combat 2012 Antweight Division PICK-Z-POCKET! Quarter-Finals Lost
Malicious Mule Win
BobSaget Semi-Finals Win
Slim Pickens Loser's Final Lost
Franklin Institute Robot Combat 2013 Antweight Division Slim Pickens Semi-Finals Win
Poco Tambor Lost
No Such Bot Win
Dust Pandemonium Loser's Final Lost
  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 4
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