Gyrobot was a heavyweight robot that competed in [7|Series 7] of [Wars|Robot Wars]. It reached the second round in its only appearance, losing to [Grim Reaper|The Grim Reaper] on a judges' decision.

Despite being present in the pits to work on Gyrobot, team member Neil Solomon chose not to appear on television, so was absent for interviews and battles, and captain Steve Wood appeared to be a one-man team on television. Since the passing of Neil Solomon[1], three new team members joined Steve Wood to form a larger Team Gyrobot.


File:Gyrobot series 6.jpg
Gyrobot was an invertible [spinners|rim spinner], driven by four wheels mounted in pairs on either side. It was very quick at 20mph, while its outer ring weighed 35kg and could spin up to 750rpm, generating 40 kilojoules of energy. It was armed in lexan polycarbonate, originally steel, and cost £2000 to build. After taking damage from Fluffy in its Series 7 qualifier, a 4mm band of steel was added to the outer rim, making it 7mm thick, bringing Gyrobot very close to the weight limit. Gyrobot could also spin at speeds of up to 1500rpm by spinning the drive on the spot.


File:Gyrobot Series 6 qualifier.jpg
Gyrobot was built to enter Series 5, but withdrew from the qualifiers due to electrical problems. In its Series 6 qualifier, Gyrobot fought [Dragon|Scrap Dragon], [Shock (Series 7)|Shell Shock] and [Stag|The Stag]. It started promisingly, attacking The Stag's wheel and the immobile Shell Shock, even immobilising Scrap Dragon with a strong blow. However, it was gripped and pushed around by The Stag, and it broke down over the mock flame pit, thus failing to qualify.
File:Series 7 Qualifier.png
In its Series 7 qualifier, Gyrobot fought an invertible box-shaped robot, [Turtle|Terror Turtle], and [[1]]. After sustaining early damage from Fluffy, Gyrobot played a tactical fight, avoiding the action while accelerating its rim spinner. Once Fluffy had become immobilised, Gyrobot took the opportunity to cause damage to its opponents, and pushed Terror Turtle into the arena wall. Although Gyrobot lost the use of its spinner, it was declared the winner of the battle, and qualified for its series debut. Fluffy and Terror Turtle also qualified.
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After choosing not to apply for Series 8 due to time constraints, Gyrobot was upgraded to enter [Wars: Series 9|Series 9]. Its weapon now weighed a huge 42.5kg, which would have made it the heaviest spinning weapon in Robot Wars, and the robot's teeth were upgraded to use Inconel hard edge welding. The team even 3D printed safety guards for these teeth, designed two interchangeable top panels, and applied under a team of four people. However, Gyrobot ultimately did not appear in the series.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 7Edit

"Will this be employed later in the series, or be picking up a Robot Wars giro?"
Jonathan Pearce as Gyrobot enters the arena
File:Jackson Wallop vs Gyrobot vs Killerkat.jpg
Gyrobot competed in Heat B, where it was due to face [Wallop|Jackson Wallop], [[2]] and the third seed [[3]] in its first round battle. However, Terrorhurtz was disqualified before the battle began due to arriving at the studio in an unfinished state, leaving the three remaining robots to fight on without it. Gyrobot began tentatively, getting its spinning rim up to speed before slamming into the sides of Killerkat and Jackson Wallop. It and Jackson Wallop continued to hit Killerkat until the latter became immobilised, although Gyrobot’s rim appeared to have stopped working fully by the time Jackson Wallop knocked Killerkat onto its side. Gyrobot then pushed Killerkat onto the Flame Pit as it was counted out by [[4]], setting fire to its leopard fur, before circling round the arena until ‘cease’ was called.
File:Gyrobot vs The Grimreaper.jpg
File:Grim reaper vs gyrobot.JPG
In the second round, Gyrobot fought [Grim Reaper|The Grim Reaper]. It immediately backed away from The Grim Reaper as the latter charged in to flip it, momentarily causing it to spin on its rim, before struggling to drive away from an angle grinder. Gyrobot was then pushed into [Killalot|Sir Killalot] and flipped over by The Grim Reaper, before getting pushed out of the CPZ by Sir Killalot and being slammed into an angle grinder by its opponent. It bumped into and drove away from The Grim Reaper to try and get its weapon up to speed, driving over the Flame Pit and into [Chrome|Cassius Chrome] in the process, before driving into the wall twice and getting flipped and pushed into Sir Killalot by The Grim Reaper once again. Gyrobot retaliated by pushing The Grim Reaper back when it missed its next flip, causing The Grim Reaper to get wedged on top of its rim, only to be flipped onto Sir Killalot’s lance and driving away to get its spinning rim up to speed again.
"For me, it’s all The Grim Reaper, and the Gyrobot, defensively, erm, now what do you call that tactic? I think it’s called… running away!"
— Jonathan Pearce, unimpressed with Gyrobot’s lack of aggression as it gets its weapon up to speed
File:The Grimreaper vs Gyrobot.jpg
File:Grimreaper Damage 2.jpg
This compelled The Grim Reaper to strike Gyrobot with its rear panel, before flipping and chasing it around the arena once again, with Gyrobot driving into the wall and Cassius Chrome while doing so. Gyrobot was flipped a few more times by The Grim Reaper – at one point getting pinned between Sir Killalot and the wall - before ramming The Grim Reaper a few times as ‘cease’ was called. Despite Gyrobot landing a blow on The Grim Reaper’s side that damaged one of its panels, the judges’ decision went against it, as The Grim Reaper proved more aggressive throughout. This eliminated Gyrobot from the Seventh Wars.


Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat B Eliminator (3) Terrorhurtz (withdrew)

Jackson Wallop


Semi-Final The Grim Reaper Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1 (+1 from Qualifiers)
  • Losses: 1 (+1 from Qualifiers)

Outside Robot WarsEdit

After the Seventh Wars, Gyrobot was upgraded to spin and accelerate faster, also gaining studded wheels and an improved battery life, with the intention of entering another series of Robot Wars. However, the show entered its 12-year hiatus before it could compete with the upgrades. Gyrobot remained operational over this period, but could not compete at live events due to the restrictions affecting spinning weapons prior to 2017.

In 2017, Team Gyrobot built an antweight called Vibrant, which is an invertible, wheeless 'brushbot' armed with twin horizontal bar spinners. The robot relies entirely on the vibration of the spinners for forward movement and steering, and is capable of using torque steering for faster turning through adjustments to the speed of each weapon motor.[2]


  • There is a robot listed in the Honourable Mentions of the Combat Robot Hall of Fame, by the name of Gyrobot. However, it is not this machine, nor is it related, as it is an [Championship|antweight class] machine.
  • Gyrobot was the only robot in Series 7 from Wiltshire, originating from Swindon. In fact, it was the only robot from Wiltshire to compete after Series 3.
  • With a volume of less than .08m3, Gyrobot was the smallest robot weighing 100kg ever to compete in Robot Wars. In comparison, [[5]] in Series 5 was roughly .14m3 and weighed 99kg.
  • Gyrobot has occasionally been on display at the Museum of Computing in Swindon. It currently resides in Steve Wood's garage.

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