Gremlin is a Heavyweight robot from Kazakhstan. It is a box-wedge robot with a rear-hinged flipper. It did decently in competition, reaching the finals of Battles of Robots where it lost to The Hairdryer.

Robot HistoryEdit

Battles of Robots @ Almaty 2017Edit

Gremlin's first match was against Hammer, this match started with Gremlin driving over to Hammer, and momentarily stopping movement. This allowed Hammer to get a few axe blows on Gremlin. Gremlin then got underneath Hammer, and flipped it, Hammer then fell apart whilst trying to self-right, and was counted out giving Gremlin the KO.

This put it in the final where it faced The Hairdryer, it lost this match after it flipped itself on its rear, and was unable to self-right. This meant that it became the runner-up.


Event Weight Class Opponent(s) Round Results
Battles of Robots @ Almaty 2017 Heavyweight Hammer 1 Won
The Hairdryer Final Lost
  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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