Glitterbomb is a pink heavyweight, armed with a bladed axe, which competed in the 2016 series of Robot Wars. The robot is armoured in laser-cut Raex, and its axe swings at 120mph with 1.2 tonnes of force, also allowing the robot to self-right from any angle.

Glitterbomb was designed by the nine-year old team captain, April, and built by father James Baker. Team GlitterBomb, formerly Wrexham Wreckers, also own veteran competitor Edge Hog. Due to time constraints, Glitterbomb's axe mechanism was taken from Edge Hog, although the rest of the robot is brand-new, meaning roughly 15kg of Glitterbomb consists of parts from Edge Hog.

The robot's shape is based on a stealth bomber. The robot's mascot is a pink fluffy bomb with eyes and a mouth, one of which will be given away as part of a competition on their Facebook page.

The team quite often appear at wrexham comic con

Robot History Edit

Glitterbomb participated in Episode 3, facing Overdozer, King B Remix and Dantomkia in its first round. Glitterbomb entered the battle having not tested its axe. Glitterbomb was immediately rammed by Dantomkia in an attempt by the yellow machine to flip the newcomers- however, they were not able to get a properly-positioned flip in. Glitterbomb then attacked Dantomkia with its axe, though this caused no visible damage. Glitterbomb's axe never returned to its neutral position after this, due to the cold weather freezing the liquid CO2 powering the axe. Glitterbomb used its wedge shape to overturn King B Remix, and pushed the immobile Overdozer into the arena wall, but Dantomkia flipped Glitterbomb over. King B Remix pushed Glitterbomb back onto its wheels, but in an unoccupied CPZ Dantomkia flipped it up against a corner. A combination of Glitterbomb's lack of gas and the positioning of the wall here meant that Glitterbomb was unable to right itself. This meant Glitterbomb was left immobile, ending its Robot Wars run.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars 2016 Episode 3 Group Battle Dantomkia,

King B Remix,



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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