Franky was a robot from Thailand that competed in the first Seacon War of Steel It was a silver, box shaped robot similar in design to American Battlebots/Robotica competitor Deb Bot. It performed well in competition, reaching the Group A Finals before losing to college Petchabun, and then losing the loser's melee.

Robot HistoryEdit

Franky's first opponent was iDD. In this match both robots hardly made contact, and iDD lost by KO after it broke down near the middle of the arena. This put Franky through to the Group A, Line 1 Semi-Final where it faced Narmtang Killer Bot. This fight started with both robots moving out of their starting squares, however Narmtang Killer Bot then stopped moving.

Franky then lifted it, nearly flipping it, but Narmtang Killer Bot landed on its wheels. This did not matter however as Narmtang Killer Bot still did not move, and was counted out. This put Franky through to the Group A, Line 1 Final where it faced college Phetchabun. Franky dominated this match, lifting Phetchabun all over the place. However it soon started having reciever issues, and stopped working altogether shortly after flipping Phetchabun a final time.

Franky was then counted out, putting it in the Group A loser's melee where it faced The Atlantist, and EROS Lat Krabang. However in this crucial melee Franky suffered transmitter issues again, and was eliminated along with EROS Lat Krabang which was pitted by eventual third place winners, The Atlantist.


Series Group/Line Round Opponent(s) Results
Seacon War of Steel 1 Group A, Line 1 Eliminator iDD Won
Semi-Final Narmtang Killer Bot Won
Group A Finals Line 1 Final college Phetchabun Lost
Group A Loser's Melee

The Atlantist

EROS Lat Krabang



  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
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