• Fluffy DeLarge also known as Super Fluffy was a middleweight drum spinner that competed in BattleBotsIQ 2011. It was built by Will Bales of The Everglades Team and was a bigger version of his Dogeweight robot Fluffy. Fluffy DeLarge also had a wedge on the back and a metal plate that said its name. They performed very well in the competition; winning the tournament and getting the Best Sportsmanship Award. The Everglades Team also entered El Cholo in the same event. For the ABC Reboot The Everglades Team built crowd favorite HyperShock. Fluffy DeLarge is currently on display at Shenanigans and Friends.

Prior to the competition, Fluffy DeLarge fought in an exhibition fight with The Devastator that they won. Fluffy DeLarge's first fight in the competition was against Shrapnel. Within seconds they hit Shrapnel and knocked off their Full-Body Spinner. Because if this quick KO, Fluffy DeLarge was eligible to go to the losers bracket if they lost in the Round of Eight. In the next round they fought Buddy Lee. For this fight Fluffy DeLarge came out aggressive and hit Buddy Lee who was flipped in a 360. This win put them in the Semifinals where they faced The Everglades Team's Other bot El Cholo. It is unknown what happened during this fight, but we do know that Fluffy DeLarge had an easy win that advanced them to the final round. After it won, Will Bales decided to do a dangerous victory dance. In the middle of the victory dance, Fluffy DeLarge caught on fire and Will Bales had to stop. In the final round Fluffy DeLarge faced Witch Doctor. Everyone excpected them to lose because they had to use their backup drive motor, since they caught on fire doing a victory dance in the previous fight. However, they easily won.

Competition Wins Losses
BattleBotsIQ 2011 Shrapnel (Middleweight)

Buddy Lee

El Cholo

Witch Doctor

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