Flensburger Power

Flensburger Power was a German competitor robot that fought in Robot Wars Extreme. It was a large green box wedge-shaped robot with a small spear on the front and a spinning blade cutter on the back. The robot was powered by a windscreen wiper motor, and as a result was rather slow, and never had any great success. Despite losing the German Melee to Ansgar, Flensburger Power was given a Wild Card into The Second World Championship, but broke down in its first fight and was eventually thrown over by Matilda's flywheel. Although Flensburger Power did not enter German Robot Wars, its appearance in the German Melee was broadcast as part of that series.

Robot History Edit

Flensburger Power took part in the International Mayhem, representing Germany by taking on Panic Attack from the UK, Manta from the USA, and Maximill from The Netherlands. Little was seen of Flensburger Power as it was pursued by Panic Attack in the opening minute before it was shoved on the flame pit where it broke down. It was counted out by Refbot and eliminated.

It took part also in the German Melee against Nasty Warrior, Golem, and Ansgar. This battle was also broadcast during German Robot Wars. During the battle, it did nothing but evade most of its opponents and move around very ponderously. It did get caught by Ansgar's lifter, but managed to drive away before any damage was done. It survived to the Judges' decision, but lost on points to Ansgar.

Despite losing both its battles in Extreme 1, Flensburger Power was chosen to represent Germany in the Second World Championship held at the end of the series. This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Warriors: Season 1. In the first round, it was drawn up against Diotoir from Ireland, The Revolutionist from the USA, and the reigning world champion, Razer. It was unable to make an impact in the fight, getting pushed into the arena wall by Diotoir. Diotoir then drove away to attack Razer, while Flensburger Power merely shuffled forward before it broke down again. After being counted out by Refbot and flung onto its back by Matilda's flywheel, Flensburger Power was eliminated from the Second World Championship at the first hurdle.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars

Extreme 1/

Robot Wars

Extreme Warriors

Season 1.0/

German Robot Wars





N/A Manta

(United States),



Panic Attack

(United Kingdom)

German Melee N/A Ansgar,


Nasty Warrior

2nd World




Eliminator Diotoir

(Republic of Ireland),


(United Kingdom),

The Revolutionist

(United States)


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
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