First Contact
First Contact
is a Hobbyweight robot from Garden City, Long Island, New York that competed at the 2017 NERC Franklin Institute event. It was a gray, invertible, two-wheeled, trangle-shaped robot armed with a spinning bar. Although it proved quite destructive it was also a first robot from the builder, and its weapon fell off in 2/3 of its fights. As a result of this it only managed to win one fight, whilst losing two.

Robot HistoryEdit

Franklin Institute 2017Edit


Competition Event Opponent(s) Results
Franklin Institute Robot Combat 2017 Hobbyweight Division Worm Gear Won
Attrition Lost
Attrocious Lost
Motorama 2018 Hobbyweight Division Not Disko Lost
Butcher Lost
Motorama 2019 Hobbyweight Division Death Rows Won
Tiny WHOOP Lost
Splayed Lost
  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 6
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