Firearrow 3 done

FireArrow v3

FireArrow is an antweight wedgebot built by Dylan McCarthy of Team Ignition. It has taken several forms over the years but has always been a wedge. FireArrow has had reasonable success, winning several events over its career.
Firearrow 1

FireArrow v1

Firearrow 2

FireArrow v2


Competition Event Opponent(s) Results
Bot Blast 2013 Antweight Division Guildenstern Lost
A Glorified Doorstop Won
Weed Wacker Won
TTI Wedge Won
Dust Pandemonium Won
Guildenstern Won
Ripto Lost
Pennbots Spring Fling 2014 Antweight Division
Don't Get Pushy Won
CrocBot Won
Dave Graham's Robot Won
Little Wedge Won
Bot Blast 2014 Antweight Division Don't Ask Lost
Nuff Said Won
Slice Won
Velociraptor Won
Hercules Won
Antelope Won
Slim Pickens Won
MIT Mini Maker Faire 2014 Antweight Division
Puppy Won
SpinZilla Won
Glass Cannon Won
Cannon Lost
Sisu Lost (forfeit)
Motorama 2015 Antweight Division
Satan's Segway Won
Vile Ant Lost
Ring-A-Ding-Ding Won
SpinZilla Lost
Bot Blast 2015 Antweight Division
The Ophidian Won
Dark Blade Won
Satan's Segway Lost
Dark Pounder Lost
Motorama 2016 Antweight Division
Scooper Lost
Cornerstone Won
Klazo Lost
Franklin Institute 2016 Antweight Division
Physique Black Lost
Justice Won
Ferocious Lost
Motorama 2017 Antweight Division
Aries Lost
Arrow Lost
SWORD Spring Fights 2017 Antweight Division
Grawp Lost
Gigajoule Lost
Bot Blast 2017 Antweight Division
Recharge Won
Cornerstone Won
Ratfish Lost
CamberLife Lost
Franklin Institute 2017 Antweight Division
Slim Pickens Won
UberSaw Won
Wedgie Won
V Wedge 1 Won
Swamp Woman 2 Won
SWORD Fall Fights 2017 Antweight Division
Credit Card Special Lost
Slim Pickens Lost
Mint Condition Won
Recharge Lost
Motorama 2018 Antweight Division
Odium Won
Cornerstone Won
Hercules Won
Low Blow Lost
Angry Accountant Won
Physique Black Lost
Bot Blast 2018 Antweight Division
Eclair & BonBon Won
Cenobite Lost
Franklin Institute 2018 Antweight Division
Slim Pickens Lost
Eclair & BonBon Lost
SWORD Fall Fights 2018 Antweight Division
Incomplete Control Won
ForkLift Lost
Rainbow Kitty Lost
Motorama 2019 Antweight Division
Taco Annihilator Won
Tubey or Not Tubey Lost
Mini Rampage Won
Cubey's Revenge Won
Hercules Won
ForkLift Lost
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