Limit Number

Extreme (Simplified Chinese: 极限号) is a Heavyweight robot built by a team of RC car racing champions that contested the inaugural King of Bots competition. It is a black and blue, four-wheeled, box-shaped robot armed with two vertical flywheels at the front, and two horizontal flywheels at the side.

Extreme however got a very unlucky draw in the first round against the experienced Rust Boar, and as a result lost its only battle.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots Season 1.0Edit

Extreme's first match was against Rust Boar, this match started with Rust Boar spinning up, and slamming into the front of Extreme. This dislodged all of Extreme's weapon belts, and bent the front right vertical flywheel. Rust Boar then shoved Extreme under the arena hammer, and both bots took a pounding from the arena hazard.

Rust Boar got away, spun back up, and delivered a blow that sent Extreme flying multiple feet into the air. Extreme landed on its wheels however, and was still mobile so Rust Boar backed up once again, and spun up, this time it hit Extreme from the rear, and ripped shards of armor off, sending them flying at the arena plexiglass. Rust Boar then slammed Extreme against the arena drums, this flipped Extreme, and it was counted out, and eliminated from the competition. Unfortunately, Extreme was not selected for a wildcard.


Series Episode Opponent(s) Round Results
King of Bots Season 1.0 Episode 2 Rust Boar Round of 48 Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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