Evelyn a modified Dawg

Evelyn a modified Dawg was a dominant Heavyweight built by Team K.I.S.S. that competed at ROBOLympics 2004. It was a Black, invertible, four wheeled wedge robot with no active weapons. Evelyn a modified Dawg came into ROBOLympics as the third ranked Heavyweight in the US with a 13-2 career record, despite this pedigree it did poorly in RoboGames, losing both of its battles, and it was retired after this event.

Robot History Edit


Evelyn a modified Dawg competed in the January, March, and April 2003 Robot Combat Club & Grille events, where it became the Heavyweight champion for all three. Evelyn also competed in Steel Conflict 4, an event which it won as well.


Evelyn a modified Dawg's first fight was against the fierce shell spinner Megabyte. This fight started with Evelyn box rushing Megabyte, sending it off balance, however the second ram by Evelyn hit Megabyte with the edge of its wedge, this spun Evelyn out. Megabyte then took a shot at the side of Evelyn after the latter tried, and failed to slam Megabyte into the rails. Evelyn then rammed into Megabyte again, sending it crashing into the rails, but also spinning Evelyn out once again. This temporarily stopped Megabytes spinning shell, however Evelyn was unable to capitalize on this, and Megabyte spun back up and Evelyn rammed it again. This sent Evelyn spinning up against the walls where Megabyte took a shot at its side. Evelyn then slammed into Megabyte, sending the shell spinner into the rails yet again. After this Megabyte recovered, and delivered a shot to the side of Evelyn. This immobilized it, and it was counted out.

This loss meant it was now in the losers bracket against I.C.B.M., Evelyn lost this fight as well and was eliminated from ROBOLympics 2004. This was to be Evelyn's last ever event, and it was retired after a long, and successful career.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 4
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