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Eruptor was a robot from Blessed Edward Oldcorne High School in Worcestershire that competed in the Lightweight Sprint during Series 3 of Techno Games in 2002. It performed decently as it reached the semifinals before losing to Mammoth and Jimmy Struts.

Robot History Edit

In Eruptor's first heat, it went up against Mammoth, Octobot and the feared newcomer Bumble. Despite having the better start against Octobot who was having control problems, it couldn't catch up to the much faster Bumble and Mammoth. However, Eruptor got a lucky break as Bumble crashed against the wall before crossing the finish line and broke down leaving a first place win for Mammoth who finished at 26:88. Eruptor eventually finished at 1:07:16 and was the sixth best finish overall. This meant that Eruptor was now in the Lightweight Sprint semifinals, where it faced Mammoth again along with Jimmy Struts and Bug Box.

Like in its heat, Mammoth got the quicker start and finished first at 23:72. Unfortunately, Eruptor couldn't catch up with Jimmy Struts and Bug Box for a second spot in the Battery Sprint finals. Jimmy Struts finished second at 30:69 and Bug Box finished third at 41:75. Sadly, Eruptor never reached the finish line and it was eliminated from the Lightweight Sprint.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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