Enzyme was a robot that competed exclusively in Series 2 of Robot Wars. It progressed steadily through its Heat, but was beaten by Plunderbird 2 in the Arena Semi-Final.


Enzyme was a black trapezoid-shaped robot with a biohazard symbol inside a yellow triangle painted on top. It was adapted from a wheelchair which the team borrowed from a friend's garden. The motors and wheels were preserved, while the elevated backrest was converted into a forklift that could purportedly lift 16 stone; however, the original air tyres were replaced with solid ones. The robot cost £100 and took 7 months to construct.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit

Enzyme started quickly and immediately chose to take on the Sentinel. It managed to dodge the Sentinel's arm and a piece of the Sentinel, which had fallen off and into the pit, but Enzyme then got stuck on the edge of the pit and was pushed into it by Matilda. However, Enzyme had covered enough distance to qualify through to the Trial stage.
In the King of the Castle trial, Enzyme spun on the spot to defend its place against Sergeant Bash and Dead Metal. Both House Robots had trouble pushing Enzyme, and it managed to stay on the podium for the full thirty seconds.

Enzyme progressed to the Arena stage, where it met Plunderbird 2. Both robots charged at each other, but Plunderbird 2 managed to get underneath Enzyme and push it into the PPZ, where Sergeant Bash attempted to inflict damage with its saw. The other House Robots came into the fray and pinned both competitors in, but Enzyme and Plunderbird 2 escaped. Cease was then called and the judges decided that Plunderbird 2 had won.


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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