EROS Lat Krabang
EROS Lat Krabang (Thai: EROS ลาดกระบัง) was a robot from Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand that competed in the first Seacon War of Steel. It was a white, weaponless, box-wedge shaped robot. EROS did well in competition, reaching the Group A Loser's Melee before losing to The Atlantist.

Robot HistoryEdit

Seacon War of Steel 1Edit

EROS's first ever match was against Compassionate, humane. It won this match, and advanced to the Group A, Line 3 Semi-Finals where it faced Loei Technical College 2. This match consisted of EROS shoving Loei 2 around until EROS eventually got it pinned up against the arena hammer, where Loei 2 was counted out.

This put it in the Group A, Line 3 Final where it faced Photong Robot 2. This match started with Photong Robot 2 bolting out of its square, and slamming EROS against the wall, nearly shoving it under the arena hammer. EROS then gained the upper hand briefly, and nearly shoved Photong Robot 2 into the pit, however Photong Robot 2 got away at the last moment, and slammed EROS into the arena wall yet again.

EROS recovered, and slammed Photong Robot 2 into the walls several times before Photong Robot 2 slammed EROS into the arena hammers. EROS got away but Photong Robot 2 gave chase, and slammed EROS into the arena wall once more. This time however the slam severely damaged EROS, leaving it barely mobile, however it ws still mobile enough to avoid being counted out so Photong Robot 2 slammed it multiple more times until EROS stopped moving. 

However just as EROS was about to be counted out it started moving again, and Photong Robot 2 slammed it again. This time the robots got stuck together, and the match was paused to seperate the robots. Once the match resumed it became clear that EROS was unable to move, and was counted out.

The match then entered a second round, this time the fight started with EROS unable to move on one side, and it shortly stopped working altogether near the edge of the pit, and was counted out. EROS then fought in the loser's melee against Franky, and The Atlantist. This fight started with Franky suffering transmission issues, leaving it to be immobilized first thing. The Atlantist then pitted EROS, shortly thereafter eliminating it from the competition.


Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Seacon War of Steel 1 Group A, Line 3 Group A, Line 3 Eliminators Compassionate, humane Won
Group A, Line 3 Semi-Finals Loei Technical College 2 Won
Group A Finals Group A, Line 3 Final Photong Robot 2 Lost
Loser's Melee


The Atlantist



  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3
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