Double Trouble was an invertible box robot that exclusively entered Series 6 of Robot Wars. Its name came from its weaponry; two red spinning discs from car flywheels. Each disc could spin at up to 6000RPM. However, these discs were not particularly large or heavy and were prone to flying off, doing so both in the robot's qualifier and the second round battle against 13 Black. Coincidentally, the same thing happened to Shredder in the same series. Jonathan Pearce summarised this as being "agile but unstable".

The robot resembled Shredder in terms of weaponry and being invertible. The team previously entered Rambot into the Fourth Wars, which lost its only battle.

Robot History Edit

Double Trouble was placed up against Fluffy, Demolition Man and Kan-Opener in the first round of Heat F of the Sixth Wars. Double Trouble proved its brute strength within seconds in this battle, managing to shove the combined weight of Kan-Opener and Demolition Man around. Sparks flew as the flywheels impacted on Kan-Opener. After Kan-Opener was seemingly immobilised, both Fluffy and Double Trouble landed severe blows on it. Dead Metal caught Double Trouble and dragged it from the fray, only to have it escape and shove the counted out Kan-Opener into the arena side wall. Meanwhile, Demolition Man had been immobilised, and was counted out by the Refbot, putting Double Trouble through to the second round of the heat, along with Fluffy.

A game of "Russian Roulette" followed, as Double Trouble was drawn up against the other double flywheeled robot, 13 Black, for the next round. In this battle, after weathering blows from the larger robot's discs, one of Double Trouble's discs was torn off the robot, halving the already inferior potency of the robot's weapons. Additional blows from 13 Black caused Double Trouble's armour to peel away. Although Double Trouble did manage to hold on and both of 13 Black's flywheels were out of action at the end, Double Trouble was eliminated on the judges' decision.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 6

Heat D Eliminator Fluffy,

Demolition Man,


Semi-Final 13 Black Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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