Doom of Babylon was a superheavyweight robot built by future Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors champion Todd Mendenhall of Team Revelation. It was a box-shaped robot that relied on its pushing power to win fights. The front of the robot was painted blue, while the rear was painted black. It also featured car steering, rather unique for a combat robot. It participated solely in Season 2.0, although it showed up for Season 1.0, but didn't compete. During its one season it picked up one win and one loss.

Robot History Edit

Season 2.0Edit

Doom of Babylon started off fighting Scrap Daddy SHW325. Doom of Babylon drove across the arena while Scrap Daddy spun up its weapon, but despite taking some hits Doom of Babylon was able to slam Scrap Daddy against the wall, which flipped it onto its back and immobilized it. Scrap Daddy was counted out and Doom of Babylon won by KO. This win put Doom of Babylon to the round of 16, where it faced DooAll.

The two bots drove toward each other and DooAll had trouble driving due to the fact its front scoops keep being swept under the tracks. This gave Doom of Babylon a clear advantage and it pushed DooAll into the wall. The two robots separated and since DooAll still had problems with its scoops Doom of Babylon pushed it as much as possible. DooAll got a good hit in with its pneumatic ram, and then slammed Doom of Babylon from the side, firing its ram again. Neither robot dealt any more damage and the time ran out soon after. DooAll won on a 24-21 judge's decision and Doom of Babylon was eliminated from the tournament.

Doom of Babylon wasn't finished, however, as it participated the superheavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. Doom of Babylon went straight at Diesector and started pushing it, but it escapes and Doom of Babylon bumps into World Peace. At this point, Doom of Babylon was moving around the arena until it was shoved onto the spikestrip by Minion. Doom of Babylon was immobilized and was left there for the rest of the rumble. In the end, Toro was declared the winner of the royal rumble and Doom of Babylon lost overall.

Result Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
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