Detonator was a green dome-shaped robot entered by the Dartford Girls Grammar team in Series 1. It was one of the few robots to be powered by a petrol engine; this one taken from a lawnmower and an electric motor salvaged from a Vauxhall Cavalier, and it was armed with several steel spikes on the sides of the robot, as well as a long sawn-off pipe on the front that could be used as a Battering Ram. Only travelling at 4mph, Detonator struggled in the Gauntlet, and only qualified because Uglybot failed to get past the railings at the start of the course. It then had problems with its batteries in the Trial and was eliminated.

Detonator was later brought out of retirement to participate in the War of Independence during Series 4, alongside Ming 2, Mortis and Panic Attack. However, due to being a rather outdated robot, it lost to the U.S. robot frenZy after sustaining massive damage from its "meat tenderiser" hammer.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Detonator series 1

Detonator started badly in its Gauntlet run as it got stuck on the turntable immediately after activate was called. However, Shunt came in and eventually nudged Detonator away, and with seconds left on the clock Detonator sped forwards into the maze, managing to cover enough distance to qualify for the Trial.

Detonator didn't fare any better in the Trial, which was British Bulldog; the robot were experiencing steering problems while in the pits between the two events, which meant that the team didn't have chance to charge up their batteries, an issue David Crosby realised as the Trial was beginning. Due to uncharged batteries Detonator didn't move, and as it hadn't covered any distance, it was eliminated.

Series 4Edit

Detonator was brought out of retirement for the War of Independence special in Series 4, and was drawn against American robot frenZy. Detonator's top armour was crushed and smashed by the meat tenderizer at the end of frenZy's hammer, eventually falling off. frenZy continued to destroy Detonator, pushing it over a flame jet while hammering at the now exposed internals, setting fire to its petrol engine in the process. After being flipped on the floor flipper, its broken remains were then pushed into the pit. Unsurprisingly, Detonator didn't return after this brutal loss and was the only British robot not to win its first round battle, prompting speculation that it had been brought out of retirement to almost guarantee at least one American robot in the second round.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 1

Heat B Gauntlet N/A 7.00m











UK Robot Wars

Series 4

War of



United Kingdom)

Eliminator frenZy

(United States)


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
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