Destructor Peru
Not to be confused with the Russian robot of the same name which competed in the 2016 Rise of the Machines event in Moscow, and also lost its only match.

Destructor is a Peruvian robot that competed at the 2013 Warbots Event. It was a two-wheeled, invertible, silver, weaponless, wedge-shaped robot. Destructor was rather sluggish, and poorly built, and this resulted in it performing poorly in the competition as it lost its only fight against Jackal.

Robot HistoryEdit

Warbots 2013Edit

Destructor's first and only fight was against Jackal, this match started with Jackal charging across the arena and slamming the slow moving Destructor into the wall. This caused both robots to get stuck and the match was paused to free both robots. Once the match resumed Jackal backed off before Destructor charged at it, and missed, slamming itself into the wall.

Destructor then got under Jackal but Jackal quickly escaped due to its big wheels and quick drivetrain, Jackal then retaliated by slamming Destructor into another wall and getting stuck again. Once again the match was paused to seperate the robots, and upon resuming both bots jocketed for position before Jackal drove up, and over the front of Destuctor. Jackal then got under Destructor once more, and slammed it into the wall again, pinning it before releasing it.

Jackal then attempted to charge at Destructor again, but destructor spun out of the way, and Jackal hit the wall instead, where it once again got stuck and the match had to be paused yet again, this time to free Jackal. Once Jackal was freed the match resumed, and both bots slammed into each other until time ran out, and the match was ruled in favor of Jackal, eliminating Destructor from the competition.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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