Designed For Destruction

Designed For Destruction at Rocket City Robot Assault

Designed For Destruction was a Middleweight Combat Robot built by Team Sinclair Robotics from Dayton, Ohio in the USA which competed at Rocket City Robot Assault in 2004. Designed For Destruction was a two-wheel drive wedge that used large wheels for added speed when driving, with a castor at the back for increased turning speed, and was armed with a large low wedge that extended below the main body of the robot. During Rocket City Robot Assault Team Sinclair Robotics also competed with beetleweight The Underdog, middleweights Robo Wedgie and No Mercy, plus heavyweights Half Baked and The Tartan Bot.

History Edit

Rocket City Robot Assault Edit

Designed For Destruction gets tossed

Designed For Destruction is tossed across the arena by Killjoy

Designed For Destruction's first opponent of the tournament was experienced full-body spinner Killjoy. Designed For Destruction charged towards Killjoy in hopes that it would stop it from spinning up, which it did, but this came at a great cost, leaving a massive gash in the front wedge. Designed For Destruction quickly retreated despite it stopping the spinner of Killjoy, but this retreat was clumsy and awkward, with Designed For Destruction spinning around on the spot before bashing into the arena wall and getting stuck on a slightly high part of the arena floor. This left it a sitting duck as Killjoy gradually spun up to full speed. Killjoy hit the side of its stranded opponent, heavily damaging Designed For Destruction's wedge before lightly hitting it again as Designed For Destruction retreated. In a last ditch effort to defeat Killjoy, Designed For Destruction reversed into the Full-Body Spinner at full speed causing a massive impact which sent Designed For Destruction flying into the air, flipping as it was sent across the arena with its wedge almost torn off, meanwhile Killjoy wound up embedded in the arena wall. After this hit, Designed For Destruction tapped out and was sent into the losers bracket.

Designed For Destruction's next opponent was flail-hammer hybrid Mjr. Punishment. Unfortunately, due to the damage from its previous match, Designed For Destruction could not compete and had to forfeit, eliminating itself out of the competition.

Results Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2 (one by forfeit)
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