Derek 2

Derek (also known as Derek! and Derek 2 in Series 6) was a competitor in Series 5 and 6 of Robot Wars. It lost in Round One in both appearances

In Series 5 it surprised many by winning the award for the Best Engineered robot that year, beating out better-performing robots including Dominator 2 who defeated it in the competition.

Robot History Edit

Series 5Edit


In the first round of the Fifth Wars, Derek was unlucky to be drawn against 11th seeds Dominator 2. Derek was immediately rammed by the much quicker Dominator 2, who swung the axe, but missed by centimetres. After the initial pushing and shoving from both robots, Dominator 2 slid beneath Derek and drove around, meaning that Derek's forklift gouged the wooden floor. Dominator 2 then axed the internals of Derek and pushed it into an arena side-wall, and reversed it into the wall where Derek broke down completely. It was hammered once again by Dominator 2 and once by House Robot Shunt. The Refbot closed in and counted out the immobilised Derek, eliminating it from the competition.

After the battle, the team discovered that Derek's battery connectors had overheated when the spinning disc hit the floor (when Derek drove up Dominator's wedge, which was cut from the televised version) and caused a surge of current; this ultimately led to its immobilisation.

Despite its early exit from the competition, Derek was, surprisingly, awarded the Best Engineered Robot Award at the end of the series.

Series 6Edit

Derek 2 fought in the final Heat of the Sixth Wars. In the first round, Derek 2 went up against Behemoth, Disc-O-Inferno and newcomers Tridentate. Derek 2 spun on the attack, but was flipped up and over by Behemoth. After it self-righted and landed back on its wheels, Derek 2 slammed into Behemoth's side, not doing any damage, before being hit side-on by Disc-O-Inferno, hitting the arena side wall and breaking down once again. Derek 2 was later counted out by Refbot and eliminated from the competition. Later on, it was placed on the arena floor flipper, along with the similarly immobile Tridentate and thrown with it. Derek 2 then followed Behemoth and Tridentate into the pit of oblivion after being pushed in by the House Robots.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat F Eliminator (11) Dominator 2 Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 6 Heat L Eliminator Behemoth




Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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